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School Gardens: From PreK to Grade 12 and Beyond

School Gardens: From PreK to Grade 12 and Beyond 1600 800 Eco Garden Systems

There is an old saying that the future is in our children. Teachers and administrators for schools are perhaps one of the largest groups of unsung heroes who invest their time and energy into making sure every kid has the opportunity to grow into their potential. At Eco Garden Systems, we see this as an opportunity to entice each new class into the amazing world of gardening. After Senior Centers, we think that raised garden beds can have the largest positive impact in a school environment.

The great thing about gardening with kids is that the simplicity and complexity can be matched to the age of the students. A few thoughts from our work with schools on the different age groups and some building blocks at every level.

Join us to explore the implications and things to keep in mind when implementing school gardens for various age groups.

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Vegetables in Basket on raised garden bed

15 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in an Elevated Garden Bed

15 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in an Elevated Garden Bed 800 600 Eco Garden Systems

Are you craving fresh grilled vegetables and crisp garden salads? Vegetable gardening season is upon us which means it’s almost time to enjoy all the good eating summer will bring. You don’t have to be a pro gardener to grow your own veggies. It’s easy to grow vegetables in an elevated garden bed like an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden. Here are the top 15 vegetables to grow in it: Tomatoes Peppers Lettuce Peas Beans Radish Arugula Broccoli Carrots Zucchini Beets Cucumber Cauliflower Kale Potatoes The Eco Garden is revolutionary in its approach to growing vegetables with a water reservoir and an Air Gap, which increases the oxygen in the roots of plants. Multiple studies have been done to measure the impact of increasing oxygen absorption in the roots of bearing plants and the impact that has on total fruit production. In the studies, tomatoes and peppers both had an increase in production, some by almost 60%! And the vitamin A and lycopene in the tomatoes increased. Brand new study results from Concordia University in St. Paul confirm these findings and more. You can’t go wrong growing peppers and tomatoes. Lettuce, arugula, and other greens grow quickly in an Eco Garden. Our beginner gardener, Jessica, started a variety of salad greens indoors this year and is happy to find she already has large heads of lettuce in just a few weeks. Radishes also grow quickly in an elevated garden bed. The Eco Garden is excellent at regulating both temperature and moisture, making it an ideal garden to succession plant. This way, you’ll get crops like lettuce and carrots all season long. This ideal environment also allows root crops to thrive, even though they usually don’t grow well in raised garden beds. Check out the fabulous growth garden blogger Frau Zinnie…

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notebook for vegetable garden plans

5 Important Things to Consider When Making Your Vegetable Garden Plans

5 Important Things to Consider When Making Your Vegetable Garden Plans 1000 668 Eco Garden Systems

Making vegetable garden plans isn’t hard, especially if you consider these 5 important things first! When the sun is shining on a cold winter day, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine being in your garden again. Now that you’re thinking about getting back in the soil, how about making some vegetable garden plans? There’s no better winter activity if you love growing your own plants. In fact, once you have your vegetable garden plans in place, you can start your seedlings indoors – another excellent winter activity for gardeners – and move on to other things like doing an inventory of tools and supplies. Now, grab your graph paper and pencil (or, if you prefer, you can use the Eco Garden Systems Planner) and let’s get planning. Here are 5 important things to consider when making your vegetable garden plans: 1. Garden Size How big do you want your garden to be? If you have a lot of space, this leaves you with many size options. But maybe you have a smaller space and have to get more creative (an Eco Garden is perfect for smaller spaces – plus you can double the per square foot production). If you don’t have a lot of time, start with a smaller garden. You would be surprised at how much you can grow in a smaller space, especially when employing strategies like square foot gardening. 2. Garden Location Where will you put your garden? Some things to think about: Sun: Make sure your plants will get at least 8-10 hours of sunlight each day. Pick a day when you are at home and watch where the sun hits your yard the most; don’t forget to take notes and make it part of your garden plan. Water: Is your garden going to be…

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Eco Garden Maximizes Vegetable Garden Space

How to Effortlessly Maximize Your Vegetable Garden Space

How to Effortlessly Maximize Your Vegetable Garden Space 785 785 Eco Garden Systems

Do you want to start a vegetable garden, but don’t think you have the space? Maybe you live on a small city lot, in a condo or apartment, or have too much hardscape near your house to conveniently garden. There are many ways to garden that can work for you, and help you maximize your yield. Gardening in a small space can give you more produce than you would have ever imagined. Even if you have a lot of space, try these steps for maximum vegetable garden growing success! Container Garden: From planters to buckets to other small structures, a lot of people find the container method a great way to test out their green thumb. Containers can be quick and easy but can also limit the amount of produce you can grow in your vegetable garden. Raised Garden Bed: While you can grow food in just about anything, the best part about raised beds is that you control the soil, especially if you live in an area with soil that is hard to grow in (like clay or sand). You can purchase soil from the garden center and amend it with compost and natural fertilizers to make it even better. This is an easy and safe way to grow food. An Eco Garden System takes raised bed gardening to the next level by elevating it to a height where you don’t have to bend down. This makes it easy for anyone at any age to start a vegetable garden. It can be placed anywhere you want to grow food and is made of food-safe material instead of wood so that nothing can leach into your soil. Incorporate the Square Foot Gardening method: This method saves a lot more space than traditional row gardening, making it the perfect match for…

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Gardening in an Eco Garden

Gardening in an Eco Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who Can Benefit From This Fantastic Garden? I have been busy planting the last two weeks and now with the gardens planted I am amazed how fast the Eco Gardens grow! I planted on May 12th and already the gardens are filled to the brim with a multiple variety of vegetables. I harvested the romaine lettuce for dinner last night and it was what fresh from the garden lettuce is…wonderful! No worries of bacteria or of getting sick from what comes right out of my front yard garden. It really is an amazing garden! I injured my back a month ago and if I had to face the ground garden I had years ago I would have had to of said “Next year!” But with the Eco Garden all I do is watch and harvest. No bending, no kneeling, and no pulling hoses to water every spot. It is not a complicated system. It is a self- watering system that has a water reservoir at the bottom of the garden. It wicks the water to the root of the plants to keep them hydrated at all times. It is the garden for the future generation. I say that, because I have raised three of the future generation and they are more in tune to the Eco concept than the dig in the ground concept. The millenniums are a busy bunch and social media has taken over their lives to the point that if they want to garden they have a small window of time set aside for just that task. Not to mention it is so easy to learn gardening in this system. When young people do sports year round the art of gardening just does not make the list of priorities. My niece Abbey has signed up to take…

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The Incredible Edible Flower

The Incredible Edible Flower 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who knew that a flower was edible? If you think about it, however, most of the vegetables you eat come from flowering plants, and of course herbs can be categorized as flowers. I am sure some of you have been to a wedding where the cake was decorated with amazing beautiful flowers but didn’t realize they were just as edible as the cake.  Well, at least some of them.  My mother, who very much enjoyed planting flowers and a garden, never indicated that you could eat certain ones. I do remember a mint plant that grew by the front door and she did show us how to chew on the leaves for a mint flavor and that was fascinating! As a little girl, I would watch my mom plant flowers and it never crossed my mind that you could actually eat them. There are quite a few that you can grow from seed and consume like any vegetable you grow. The incredible edible flower is out there and it is consider one of the garden trends for 2018. Growing flowers to eat and as companion plants in your garden will give you that beautiful, plentiful garden you always dreamed of having one day. Here are five very common edible plants to consider and two, that like me, you would not have guessed were edible. Pansy/viola Marigolds I start with the one that is my all-time favorite. This without a doubt is a beautiful, fragrant flower that gives color and flavor to any salad or dessert. I made a six layer rainbow cake for my daughter’s birthday and garnished it with pansies. I was so excited to present it to her, more for the fresh flowers than for the surprise colors inside! These are great tasting flowers and I tend to…

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Preparing a Garden Journal

Preparing a Garden Journal 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What’s your garden’s story? The days are longer and the temperatures are rising. Spring is just around the corner and it is time to plan your garden. If you are novice gardener, this will take a couple of years of trial and error planning to determine what grows best and where. One of the most important things you can do for a successful garden year after year is to start a journal and write down everything from what you planted to what succeeded and what failed. Keeping a journal gives your garden a story. There are so many variations of vegetables to plant that not all of them are successful in certain conditions and areas. If you live in an area where hibernating your garden for 6 months is necessary, forgetting what worked and what didn’t is likely. Having a garden journal guides you to plant new varieties and avoid old mistakes. Some of the things to keep in mind when keeping a journal are: Plant and seed names It is very important to write down the full name of the vegetable you are planting. Just writing tomato is going to confuse you when there are so many varieties. For example, Roma tomatoes are a determinate tomato plant and do not grow as big as a cherry tomato that is an indeterminate tomato plant. Documenting plants that are disease resistant will also aid in less stress for future plantings. Taping or attaching seed packets to your journal will help in identifying plants you have planted, not to mention add color and character to your journal. Map your garden Draw a map of your garden making sure to note companion planting as well as types of flowers you plant. Having several different drawings will give you options once you start planting.…

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How to Garden in an Eco Garden System

How to Garden in an Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What is it? How does it work? How do you fill it? How is it different? It is unique and different! It is an old system that has been around for a while in a new and improved body. It is a way to garden that can elevate backaches and muscle strain as well as breakdown the barrier to the question, how do I start a garden? It is a system that not only guides you to learning gardening if you have never done it before, to a system that enhances your knowledge of gardening if you are advanced and want to grow new varieties. It is easy to maintain and clean and can be landscaped around for an aesthetic “welcome to the garden” atmosphere. It is the Eco Garden System! The Eco Garden System uses the wicking method of gardening. This method has been around for decades and involves a reservoir at the bottom of your garden that wicks water to your soil that than allows your plant’s roots to find and use when needed. This system helps all of us with the one thing that makes a garden grow and that is WATER! Good soil plays an important part but without sufficient water nothing will grow in it. In the Eco system, over and under watering become minor, because the system waters itself. There are no bad gardeners just forgetful waterers! We are a busy society and forgetting to water a garden is common. Watering extra to make up a day lost can mean overwatering. The Eco Garden System lets you sow and go without the guesswork of watering. The Eco Garden System is delivered by truck to your front door. It comes in a large box with the legs and feet inside the garden box. Establish a…

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grow your own food by making vegetable garden plans

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

There is no doubt, gardening is therapeutic! It not only helps our bodies physically but it gives our minds a break from everyday stress we have little to no control over. It provides the spiritual awakening in of all of our senses from listening, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touching. The garden is truly an oasis to get lost in whether you are a gardener or not. Having a relationship with nature has so many benefits and gardening can definitely enhance that bond. Here are some reasons gardening will improve your mind, body and soul.       Meditation is powerful! If you are not one to do yoga, gardening is a very close second. When I am in the garden it is so easy to let go of all of the outside intruders that include work and everyday tasks. Making the garden your main focus in thought is good for promoting calm and relaxation. A cleansing of our mind helps to enhance our senses that in turn improve our mood. Sounds of bees and water add nature’s music to the mix which creates a feeling of solace and comfort. There are no words for the beautiful flowers and produce that give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation. And, above all, the fragrance and feel of gorgeous flowers, plants and soil that makes every gardener happy. A true meditation paradise!      Growing healthy food is a hot topic. When I had children I decided a summer garden would teach my kids not only to eat the healthy vegetables but to develop a fascination with how they grow. It did that very thing! Just having a garden meant my children were taking their friends to the backyard to show them the carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce that grew from the soil.…

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Planning A New Garden

Planning A New Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Don’t just plan it, Plant it! New Year resolutions are made every year and with those resolutions come excitement and motivation. January starts out with a bang and off we go running to change our old ways and start new ones. Exercise and diet seem to always top the most popular New Year’s resolutions. If changing your lifestyle by eating better is on your list, why not try and grow your own organic food. It is that simple! Most of the population has had some exposure to gardening with either growing up gardening or getting some education in school programs. Finding the resources to start a garden can be a challenge. Not everyone has access to land or for that matter space. Container gardening is always an option when there is no place to dig. If planning a new garden is on your list of resolutions, here are five things to consider with container gardening that will not just get you thinking about it but get you planting it: • Selecting a container      Selecting a larger container to plant will eliminate the constant need for watering. Smaller planters will dry out faster especially if wind is a factor where you live. Self-watering planters are a great way to start a new garden because it takes the guesswork out of the too much, too little fear of over or under watering. Having a complete understanding of the amount of time and money you want to put into gardening will also help you with the first phase of starting a garden. Choosing a container that will last the duration of garden seasons will help you grow and learn with your garden. • Choosing a spot     Choosing a spot to put your container garden can be overwhelming. Decks and…

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