Is an Eco Garden right for you?

The Garden System

The Eco Garden System is quick to set up, easy to maintain, and fun to use. In just one hour, you can take your Eco Garden out of the box and start growing plants and vegetables. Fill the water reservoir, insert the soil platform, fill your garden with soil and plant your seeds. Your Eco Garden will take care of the rest!

The reservoir will maintain the water level and the moisture will nourish your plants. Our automated Pumping Station will test the soil for moisture and pump water from the reservoir only when your plants need it. You can leave for the cabin or the weekend and know your plants are taken care of.

Features of the Garden System

  • Raised Platform – you no longer need to bend down to care for your plants
  • Water reservoir provides hydration and creates a sustainable water use environment for the Eco Garden Pumping Station
  • Growing platform separates your soil from the water – creating an “Air Gap” that supercharges plant growth
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • The Eco Garden Systems Pumping Station allows you to program water use to fit the needs of your plants – while also minimizing total water use
  • Easy to maintain and clean at the end of every season

Where the Garden Can Be Used

  • Single family homes
  • Landscaping – can be incorporated into even the most intricate designs
  • Businesses – from lobby appeal to growing herbs and vegetables for restaurants, food trucks and other food related businesses
  • Group Living – from apartments with roof top decks and/or courtyards to senior centers where folks are looking for a fun activity at a shared community space
  • Advanced Growing – from areas that have a lot of space yet may not have great soil (where multiple gardens might work) to fully customized commercial growing operations, our experts can guide you toward the perfect solution to your growing and gardening needs

Eco Garden Systems Original Garden

The original Eco Garden unit is designed to meet the needs of the more advanced gardener. Whether a professional who makes their living growing (and selling) plants, vegetables, etc. or an advanced home gardener who has the space, the watering system and the expertise to do it all, this is the raised garden product for you. With a fully contained growing platform and a conventional watering system, this garden can be used individually or connected with other units to allow your system to run as a whole.

Our original garden provides you with the most flexibility – you control everything:

  • Soil – control the quantity, the blend and the nutrients
  • Water – water when you want with our integrated watering system– just attach to a water source (like a hose or our optional Pumping Station) and you are ready to grow
  • No contamination – with a raised bed garden, enjoy a natural, healthy and organic lifestyle– only the nutrients you want go into the soil
  • Expandability – simply place another garden unit in the chain and you can quickly expand your production

Our original garden will fit well in areas with a lot of space with an eye for controlling all inputs and a desire for an elevated gardening experience.

Seasonal Cover for the Original Garden

For customers in growing areas that experience seasonal weather changes (Winter – not a gardener’s favorite time of year) we have developed a water-resistant cover that allows you to keep your soil intact and protect against moisture getting into the reservoir and damaging the Original Garden (remember – water expands when it freezes – this can permanently deform your garden). The support poles create a perfect slope for drainage.

Eco Garden Systems Backyard Garden

Have you always wanted to provide the highest quality fruits and vegetables for your family – but felt you did not have the time to maintain a garden? Our Backyard Garden is the perfect solution – it arrives pre-assembled and all you have to do is attach a water source, fill the reservoir, add soil, plant your desired fruit and vegetable plants (or seeds) and you are ready to grow (or you can customize your garden with our removable trays – sold separately). The Eco Garden System does the rest. Our Backyard Garden is designed with both ease of use and comfort in mind.

An elevated garden with a more refined approach, our fully contained system allows even novice gardeners to master the art and science of growing their own food. Our convenient drain system ensures that water does not overwhelm your plants even if you live in a rainy climate.

Our Backyard Garden provides you with the easiest and most complete gardening experience:

  • Soil – control the quantity, the blend and the nutrients by plant type with our easy-to-remove trays (sold separately)
  • No contamination – with a raised bed garden, enjoy a natural, healthy and organic lifestyle—only the nutrients you want go into the soil
  • Self-Contained – with our in-garden storage drawer and one-step setup, your gardening experience starts quickly and can last a lifetime
  • Integrated Pumping Station included

The Eco Garden System Backyard Garden – all you need to reconnect you and your loved ones to the time-honored tradition of growing healthy and nutritious produce for your friends and family!

automated garden watering system

Automatic Watering System

Look, we get it, keeping up with a watering schedule for your garden can become a hassle. Everyone has a great plan when they first plant their seeds, but like Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Everyday life has a way of punching us all in the face—you were going to water the tomatoes right when you got home from work, but whoops, you forgot about your son’s soccer game, you’ll water them tomorrow. Come tomorrow and whoops, you forgot about your daughter’s softball game. The next thing you know, the whole family is of to the cabin for a week and your poor garden is as dry as the Sahara Desert.

With the Eco Garden System you don’t have to worry about a plan, we’ve got you covered.

The Eco Garden Automatic Watering System allows gardens to flourish even when left unattended for long periods of time. The Automatic Water System tracks soil moisture and will pump water from the reservoir below the garden to the top. The hoses along the top spray the water onto the base of the growing plants. If liquid or dissolvable fertilizer is added to the water reservoir, it will also be brought to the plants to replenish soil nutrients.

The Pumping Station comes standard with the Backyard Garden and can be purchased as an accessory for the Original Garden.

Eco Garden Systems Industrial Solutions

Eco Garden Systems offers a unique way to maximize growing options for industrial and business customers. We start by learning about your business and what your success measurements are. We then create a solution that will help you achieve your success metrics. We will also provide suggestions and options that will put you ahead of the competition.

We have an array of designs and capabilities that allow you to customize gardens for your needs. Whether you need elevated garden systems or if you have needs for vertical garden applications, our patented Air Gap technology and our user-focused controls (water, heat, sensors, etc.) we can develop a solution that allows your team to maximize production through both faster grow times as well as enhanced production capabilities. When you control all aspects of your plant’s needs – from moisture control to temperature monitoring to controlling nutrient application – your Eco Garden System will give you the highest yield.

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