“I can think of no better form of personal involvement in the cure of the environment than that of gardening.” — Wendell Berry

The Eco Garden Difference

As we have worked with backyard gardeners, gardening professionals, care givers, schools and a myriad of other groups that are thinking about elevated gardening as something they might want to do, we have run into several questions that center around how an Eco Garden is different (or better) than other types of in-ground gardens, box gardens, or traditional elevated gardens. We list some of the questions below and provide answers based on our mission of bringing sustainable gardening to everyone in the United States.

  • What makes an Eco Garden different from other gardens?
  • Why should I look to an Eco Garden to enhance my gardening experience?
  • How will an Eco Garden make me a better gardener?
  • How will an Eco Garden help me be a better steward of our natural resources?
  • How can an Eco Garden help me get my community (family, kids, friends, residents, etc.) interested in gardening?
  • How can an Eco Garden make my life easier?

We have three main platforms for how an Eco Garden is different – and each helps answer a piece of the questions above.

Gardening Fosters Community

Depending on how you define community, an Eco Garden can be at the center of your efforts to connect the disconnected or reconnect with your inner circle. Here are some ways an Eco Garden is different.

  • Easy – sort of like the kitchen table, an elevated Eco Garden becomes the center of outdoor activity. Whether with your family or with a community you are part of, gardening becomes a social event that makes every day or evening that much more pleasant.
  • Fun – teachers of all kinds (but especially pre-school teachers) will tell you that kids tend to enjoy foods their parents enjoy. One difference here is that when kids grow their own vegetables, they are much more likely to try them – and like them. Fun for the entire family – a great outdoor activity and wonderful fresh vegetables that all can enjoy.
  • Elevated – no more bending, stooping, or crawling – allowing everyone from the older to the folks with physical limitations or folks that simply enjoy a standup activity, an elevated Eco Garden is just the thing!
  • Bountiful – a shared purpose is one of the best ways to create a community and a bond with others. With the growth and production potential of an Eco Garden you will have produce to share with friends and family. Communities we have seen all grow different vegetables – and share the bounty amongst their gardening friends. This back to basics approach enhances community engagement and connectivity within your community.

Enhanced Garden Performance

You often hear from traditional gardeners that you never garden to save money or get “cheaper” produce. We are determined to squash that rumor. An Eco Garden, through a combination of science, art and practice, can help you wring every last piece of “value” (read as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers or your favorite vegetable) out of your garden. Here are a few examples.

  • Speed to maturity – the old saying that a “watched pot never boils” can be applied to gardening – the first shoots of a plant emerging from the soil can seem to take forever. What if you could cut that time by 50+%? What if you could help your plants mature faster (by up to 50%)? What if this level of growth made your garden the envy of all of your neighbors? If this is enticing then an Eco Garden is likely a great option for you.
  • Performance per plant – each vegetable plant you put into your garden has the potential to grow a bounty of produce. Often, nature sets limits on what a plant can produce – this is just how things work. Or is it…an Eco Garden elevated garden applies science and technology to the art of growing vegetables and fruits with the benefit of maximizing the production potential for each plant. What if you could get 50% more tomatoes off of each plant? 50% more peppers? 50% more from your greens? Now, that would be a garden to brag about!
  • Quality – the buzz today is all about being able to trace the quality (or lack thereof) back to the source. Gardening is not different – people want to have more control over their soil and want to raise “natural” fruits and vegetables all the way up to the shining beacon of Certified Organic. With an Eco Garden you can start this from day one – no additives except what you put in (and no wondering if your ground is influenced by your neighbor’s runoff) means always knowing what you will be able to take out. Doesn’t your family deserve the best quality available?
  • Over Planting or maximizing every inch of your garden – as discussed above, Mother Nature often limits our ability to get the most out of our plants. What if you could hack Mother Nature and get more from the same space. Well, now you can. With an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden, you essentially eliminate competition for moisture and control your soil to its highest performing level. This allows you to ignore some of the basic tenets of gardening – maximum spacing around each plant. With adequate moisture for all (using the Eco Garden reservoir system) your plant’s root system will be healthier than every – and this allows you to pack more plants into every square inch of your garden.

Garden Sustainability

Studies show that almost everyone wants to live a more sustainable life but choices often cloud our ability to actually live the best life we can. An Eco Garden makes this easier in a variety of ways.

  • Moisture/Water – water is swiftly becoming a precious commodity with several areas of the US needing to import water to fulfill their needs. Water conservation is one of the main tenets of sustainability – and an Eco Garden elevated garden supports this initiative. Using 65% less water than traditional gardens, your family and community will be doing their part to conserve – while not sacrificing growth and production potential.
  • Soil – elevated gardens create their own miniature environment that can be enhanced, controlled and sustained for years to come. Whether you are a “no ‘till” person or you are a re-work the soil every year enthusiast, and Eco Garden allows you to follow your passion. We also counsel our followers on how to best maintain soil year after year – regardless of your choice of soil maintenance method.
  • Life Changes – a fact of life is that all of us get older each day. With the aging process sometimes comes limitations and too often we see that limitation manifest in the activities we can no longer do or feel we can no longer do. Gardening is a common activity given up as we age – and an elevated Eco Garden allows you to sustain gardening as an activity much later in life.
  • Economic Changes – let’s face it, the economy always seems to be either entering a downturn or just leaving a downturn. When times are tough, many individuals have to make hard choices about what types of food they buy. An Eco Garden allows you to exert a bit more control over how you can find access to the freshest fruits and vegetables around. Being more self-sufficient is one of the most sustainable pathways you can take!

Three Additional Tips

  • Mulch – we recommend maintaining a “no ‘till” garden and use the lasagna method of mulch – alternating layers of green mulch and brown mulch (think grass, leaves, grass, leaves, etc.). This will help you keep your soil not only nutrient dense but will maintain the microbiome of your soil bed. All of this will lead to healthier and more prolific plants.
  • Experiment – we recommend a soil mixture of peat moss and garden soil. However, we are always exploring other ways to enhance soil and the growing environment sustainably. We are working with Coco Coir (the ground up remains of coconuts after they have their insides harvested) and how emerging alternatives can help (manure tea as a fertilizer, ground industrial hemp as a peat moss replacement). Try different things that can be sourced locally and sustainably – you will feel good and leave your little corner of the world better than when you found it!
  • Engage – whether with neighbors, friends or your community find a way to share your knowledge (both success and failures) as learning is a critical component of our path to becoming a Master Gardener. Become part of the Eco Garden Systems community – we love to learn new things and our network of gardening professionals can help you learn how to become the best version of the Heroic Gardener you can be.

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