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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
From beginners to “Gardening Gurus” our system let’s you enjoy the gardening experience more than ever.

Home Gardening

At Eco Garden Systems we believe in tomorrow. As much as we believe in tomorrow, we understand that you still have to get through today. And today just doesn’t have a lot of available time, does it? Today is full of appointments, obligations and events that tend to push a lot of things we’d like to do off until tomorrow.

Eco Garden Systems makes elevated gardening at home simple. Our garden planter box is quick to set up, easy to maintain and fun to use. Our elevated gardening system has been manufactured to reflect a new, modern way of gardening that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy for every member of the family to enjoy.

Our raised box garden offers several advantages over a traditional, in-the-ground garden. An Eco Garden offers a speedier return on what you plant by offering a controlled environment. By controlling the input, the quality and quantity are both improved with a garden planter box as is the total sustainability footprint of your garden.

Features of the garden include a raised soil bed, a water reservoir to nourish and hydrate plants, an Air Gap to jump-start growth, the potential to be used inside or outside, and a food-safe, environmentally friendly construction made of materials that will offer years of family friendly gardening for people of all ages.

Eco Garden Systems automated watering set up allows for natural and organic gardening and flourishing, sustainable vegetable gardens with very little attention or maintenance needed. In just one hour, you can take your Eco Garden out of the box and start growing plants and vegetables. Connect your water hose to fill the bottom reservoir, spread soil across the top half, plant your seeds and program your pumping system—that’s it. The Eco Garden takes care of the rest.

The gardening planter reservoir will maintain the water level and the moisture will nourish your plants. The automated watering system will check your soil moisture and dispense water from the reservoir when your plants need it. You can leave for work or the cabin and know that your plant and vegetable growing raised box garden is taken care of.

At Eco Garden Systems we #GardenDifferent – elevated, automated, sustainable (and fun!) gardening. We believe in tomorrow.

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