Gardening in an Eco Garden

Gardening in an Eco Garden

Gardening in an Eco Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who Can Benefit From This Fantastic Garden?

I have been busy planting the last two weeks and now with the gardens planted I am amazed how fast the Eco Gardens grow! I planted on May 12th and already the gardens are filled to the brim with a multiple variety of vegetables. I harvested the romaine lettuce for dinner last night and it was what fresh from the garden lettuce is…wonderful! No worries of bacteria or of getting sick from what comes right out of my front yard garden. It really is an amazing garden! I injured my back a month ago and if I had to face the ground garden I had years ago I would have had to of said “Next year!” But with the Eco Garden all I do is watch and harvest. No bending, no kneeling, and no pulling hoses to water every spot. It is not a complicated system. It is a self- watering system that has a water reservoir at the bottom of the garden. It wicks the water to the root of the plants to keep them hydrated at all times.

It is the garden for the future generation.

I say that, because I have raised three of the future generation and they are more in tune to the Eco concept than the dig in the ground concept. The millenniums are a busy bunch and social media has taken over their lives to the point that if they want to garden they have a small window of time set aside for just that task. Not to mention it is so easy to learn gardening in this system. When young people do sports year round the art of gardening just does not make the list of priorities. My niece Abbey has signed up to take gardening for 4-H. She also spends a lot of time on the road traveling with sports along with her two sisters which means a lot of time away from the garden. With the Eco garden she has an opportunity to grow plants while she is away and still succeed with growing something fresh for her family.

It is the garden for the older generation.

I say that, because my mother has one and it has allowed her the opportunity to garden again. After all those years of gardening and growing fresh vegetables she is back at growing carrots and lettuce and cucumbers. As we age it is harder to garden due to health issues and mobility. She enjoys walking out her back door to see what has come up and what has grown leaps and bounds overnight. It gives her something to think about and if that is all it does it is worth it. Easy set-up and maintenance is key for the older generation that deals with mobility problems but yet, have a lot of time to devote to gardening. Maintaining is merely filling, planting and watching it grow.

It is the garden for everyone

I say that, because it really is a garden that young and old can benefit from using. Just about any household can have years of garden vegetables with one unit. If a bigger garden is needed several Eco gardens can be used and planted year after year without deterioration. They can be moved if needed and soil can be replaced or replenished. It is the future of gardening and it allows everyone to have a go at gardening for the first time or to pick up where they left off.

It is The Garden!

I say that, because it really is a fantastic garden!

For more information on this garden go to and learn how to use and plant in an Eco garden system.

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