How to Garden in an Eco Garden System

How to Garden in an Eco Garden System

How to Garden in an Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What is it?
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How is it different?

It is unique and different! It is an old system that has been around for a while in a new and improved body. It is a way to garden that can elevate backaches and muscle strain as well as breakdown the barrier to the question, how do I start a garden? It is a system that not only guides you to learning gardening if you have never done it before, to a system that enhances your knowledge of gardening if you are advanced and want to grow new varieties. It is easy to maintain and clean and can be landscaped around for an aesthetic “welcome to the garden” atmosphere. It is the Eco Garden System!

The Eco Garden System uses the wicking method of gardening. This method has been around for decades and involves a reservoir at the bottom of your garden that wicks water to your soil that than allows your plant’s roots to find and use when needed. This system helps all of us with the one thing that makes a garden grow and that is WATER! Good soil plays an important part but without sufficient water nothing will grow in it. In the Eco system, over and under watering become minor, because the system waters itself. There are no bad gardeners just forgetful waterers! We are a busy society and forgetting to water a garden is common. Watering extra to make up a day lost can mean overwatering. The Eco Garden System lets you sow and go without the guesswork of watering.

The Eco Garden System is delivered by truck to your front door. It comes in a large box with the legs and feet inside the garden box. Establish a good place to put it with ample sun, which is about 6 to 8 hours. Install legs and feet and place on a solid ground area. A patio concrete slab is ideal but a deck will work. Keep in mind it weighs about 1500 pounds when filled. If you put it in the backyard on grass you will need to level it to keep garden reservoir level. Have it close to a water source and a hose to fill it when needed. Placing a landscape fabric or burlap over the grate can prevent soil from entering your reservoir. Fill with 3 cubic feet of peat moss or coconut coir. These mediums act like sponges that wick the water into your soil.

Raised Garden

Add peat moss for wicking barrier

They are biodegradable and also add organic matter to prevent compaction of soil. New to the market this year are bagged soils to use specifically in raised garden beds. These soils again have a mixture of compost and perlite which prevent the compaction of the soil. If you choose to use a garden soil, adding compost regularly is recommended to help the soil retain nutrients and keep it compact free. Once that is established, hook to a hose and fill the reservoir till the float system shuts it off. There is an overflow valve on the side of the garden that ensures that any excess water from a rain storm is eliminated keeping at least and inch gap between water and wicking medium. This air gap allows oxygen for more optimal plant growth. The irrigation system that is included with your garden will help your seeds germinate and grow until the roots are deep enough to reach the moist soil. The wonderful part of this is the nutrients will be recycled back through the irrigation system that comes installed on the top of your garden. Sit back and watch your garden grow!

The Eco Garden System is different from other wicking gardens for many reasons. This is an elevated bed that is off the ground and inhibits rodents and small animals from destroying your garden. This system also saves 65 percent of your water usage.


Add bags of garden soil

Because it has an enclosed bottom, it recycles any nutrients that otherwise would be lost. It is made of recyclable food grade plastic that is guaranteed to last at least 20 years. Not having to rebuild every 2 to 3 years due to deterioration saves money and time. This system can also be landscaped around whether it is siding, rock or metal. If you decide to move, or to move it, it will load on to a moving truck or U-Haul and go with you. The Eco System also comes with an installed irrigation system that will aid in germination of newly planted seeds.

This is a new and improved version of the wicking garden beds. It takes all but 30 minutes to put together and it uses fewer materials than if you had to build your own. The wonderful part of this garden is it is good for the environment and produces an ample amount of vegetation for your family. If you are new to gardening or an advanced gardener this system is set up to assist you rather than challenge you.


after planting water thoroughly

Consider a change in gardening tradition and try out one of these gardens. Be the change and learn to #gardendifferent!


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