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Creating and Maintaining Competitive Advantage

What is the single largest need for most professional service groups today? Getting more jobs as each job helps build profitability. The question that sometimes drives this is “how do I stand out from my competition?”. What if there was a way for you to always be top of mind with your customers in the landscape design space? What if you had a “silver bullet” that made you stand out, helped you secure more jobs and helped you make each one of those jobs more profitable?

Introducing Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden…the single largest self-contained garden that is also simple to use. Our gardens can fit into any landscape plan and tap into one of the strongest movements in the United States today – living a more sustainable lifestyle. How does our garden do that?

  • Fresh vegetables for the family – this can reduce the total grocery bill while providing ready access to a healthy lifestyle
  • Maximize space – grow as much in our 4’x6’ garden as traditional gardeners will grow in a 4’x12’ plot
  • Maximize a precious resource – water – as your customers will use ~65% less water to grow their own food
  • Time – while no one can create more time for themselves, your customers will be able to enhance their time. Not only is gardening a family activity that reduces reliance on electronic devices but creates a pathway for an enriched and more rewarding life
  • Dirt Therapy – there is solid evidence that working in the yard helps both physical and mental health. Now that work can have a purpose – not only learning where fresh food comes from but also creating a “fresh” based lifestyle that will help the family live better for years to come

So, how does this fit into a landscape plan? Today’s gardeners are more about control – what goes into my soil, what do I grow and what do I do to my plants to both help them perform better while keeping the environment safe for the next generation. Our Original Garden delivers on this – nothing goes in except what your customers want. No runoff from the neighbors, no pesticides or herbicides that might be used to control weeds or insects – nothing except the right stuff to grow healthy plants and vegetables.

As their guide to an outdoor lifestyle, you can help your customers maximize their outdoor experience with an Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden.

But…how does a raised garden ben help me compete?

As a new company, we are actively seeking partners who share our vision and passion. We want to work with a select few teams to help grow our business. These teams will enjoy geographic exclusivity in exchange for a concerted effort to include our gardens in their projects. As a first mover with an “exclusive”, you will have a healthy runway to become the go to provider of our gardens – and the best total landscape services.

How much inventory do I have to carry?

That is what is great about our program support for landscape professionals – you do not need to carry any inventory. Our Made in the USA product is always ready to ship when you need it. Want the best possible price? We also have a program that rewards you with a reduced cost if you can be efficient. Let’s say you get multiple jobs committed – we can ship our gardens directly to you on a pallet (four gardens to a pallet) and we pass all of the logistical savings through while also reducing your cost per individual garden. Need a single garden shipped directly to the job site? No problem – we can make this happen for a small premium in cost and a slightly larger shipping fee.

This allows you to have the most flexibility – and you control the cost to your customer and can lock in your profit in your bid.

How can I make extra dollars on every installation?

This part is up to you – and your imagination is the only limiter. We have seen everything from a standard installation of “just the garden” to wooden enclosures to all-encompassing built-in installations where the garden is incorporated into the hardscape. Your creativity and your customers’ needs are all you have to worry about.

Also, we encourage our partners to “bundle” as much as they can. What can be bundled with an Eco Garden you ask? Simple…

  • Soil/growing material
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers, soil enhancers and pest control
  • Trellis – whether off the rack or custom
  • Tools – many of your customers may need help identifying and securing the necessary gardening tools and you can be their one stop shop
  • Accessories – from gloves to wind and critter preventatives (see our #GardenHack series for ideas) to creating automation with a sprinkler controller, there are many other things you can build into an offering

Finally, any ongoing maintenance work can include the garden – up to and including annual maintenance, a seed subscription program, an annual “refresh” (raised bed gardens are subject to soil compaction and things like perlite are perfect additions to the soil every couple of years) or other work can create a recurring revenue stream and a strong relationship. Did you know that most consumers keep their service relationships for multiple years (provided the work is done to satisfaction?).

An Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden is not cheap

You are correct – our gardens are an investment – just like the investment your customers are making in their yards or installations. We see a consumer payback in under three years compared to other less efficient or effective options. Read how the Eco Garden adds value to your garden community.

Expanding your community

Every installation will become an advertisement for you, your firm and your skills. When you install an Eco Garden, the word of mouth from users to non-users goes far beyond the vegetables they will share. The ability to spend time together, to work towards a common purpose and to help others create a community raises your brand to the highest level – right to the top of every buyer’s choice set.

Your enhancement of a single person’s community will help you connect with that community and make your brand part of the gardening community where you live, work and build. #GardenDifferent

The Eco Gardens Systems “Eco System”

What makes our product unique on the market? We have compiled an entire segment on this – find it out more about the Eco Garden Eco System.

Finally, our product is proudly fabricated and assembled in the United States – in fact, our plant is located in a small town in Central Minnesota – creating sustainable jobs in manufacturing, order processing, supply chain and fulfillment.

If you own or work with a senior care center, we want to work with you to get our gardens working for you – to provide the best life-experience to your guests, peace of mind for their families and a community building activity for everyone.

Where can I download a brochure?

We have created a brochure especially for Community Centers like yours who want to embrace gardening. View our eMagazine Eco Garden System for Landscape Architects for specs and benefits for your industry. Contact us to talk about your needs or place your order!

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The original Eco Garden will transform the way you garden. Quick and simple to setup, sustainable, and efficient — this garden is for any level of gardener.

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Started in 2016, Eco Garden Systems has a long history of gardening, gardening innovation and gardening for seniors.

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