Eco Garden Systems Original Garden


Eco Garden Systems Original Garden

The original Eco Garden will transform the way you see gardening. Quick and simple to setup with the flexibility of providing your own mater source and distribution system, this is our most efficient garden for the advanced and expert gardener.

  • Clear
    • Eco Garden Original Garden with our patented Air Gap platform and water reservoir
    • Integrated watering system with hoses and 10 sprinkler heads to maximize water coverage
      • Just attach to a watering system and you are ready to go!
      • Overflow control to funnel off excess rainwater and protect your plants from drowning
    • Planting ready once assembled
    • Assembles in less than an hour
    • 10+ mounting spots for brackets, siding and other accessories
    • Connect multiple gardens to a single watering source for quickly expanded production.
    • Assemble garden, add the platform, add soil, connect to a water source and you are ready to grow!
    • Recommend adding 16 cubic feet of garden soil and 3 feet of peat moss (not included)​
    • Recommend ordering a Seasonal Cover for your Original Garden. Save $60 now by ordering this at the same time as your Original Garden.
  • Dimensions

    Height: 39″
    Width: 50″
    Length: 74″
    Weight: 233 pounds


Seasonal Cover for the Original Garden


Seasonal Cover for the Original Garden

For customers in growing areas that experience seasonal weather changes (Winter – not a gardener’s favorite time of year) we have developed a water-resistant cover that allows you to keep your soil intact and protect against moisture getting into the reservoir and damaging the Original Garden (remember – water expands when it freezes – this can permanently deform your garden). The support poles create a perfect slope for drainage.

  • Material: WeatherMax80, 8 ounces per square yard (commonly used as a boat or awning cover).

    Cover Bar Pockets: Four – two on each side to secure support poles.

    Color: Tan/Beige (UV protected and colorfast).

    Cost: $259 delivered, $60 discount if ordered with an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden ($199 when ordered with a garden)

  • Dimensions: 66” x 54” – 3” of drape on each side (with elastic trim to hold the cover in place).

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Eco Garden Systems is now available at select stores.

Eco Garden Systems Industrial System

Do you need to think different to stay ahead of the competition? Eco Garden Systems can help you build the perfect garden for whatever you want to grow. We start with plastic growing platforms – infused with anti-microbial additives to help with the health of your plants. Our gardens do not break down like traditional wooden gardens and we make all of our gardens easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. Our custom gardens have all of the features of our other offerings plus the flexibility to get what you need to build a successful business.

    • Plastic grow platforms made to your specifications
    • Patented Air Gap technology to enhance growth speed and production capacity
    • Customizable control panels for multi-purpose monitoring
      • Moisture – soil levels and application
      • CO2 and Oxygen – making sure your plants get the proper air mixture
      • Fans – need to reduce moisture? We can make that work!
      • Temperature – soil and water reservoir monitors and heating coils
      • Other needs – let us help
    • Elevated Gardens vs. Vertical Racking – our grow platforms can work with either need

    Need more information? Let us help you find the right solution – call us at (800) 299-5154.

  • Dimensions (Trays)

    Height: 8”
    Width: 48”
    Length: 48” or 96″
    Weight: TBD