Vegetable facts to get you growing
Eggplant #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Eggplant #5

Did you know that eggplant takes 150 days from seed to harvest? It also thrives in warmer environments where daytime temps top 80 degrees. Eggplant starter plants should be started about two months before transplanting (transplant two to three weeks…

Shallot #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Shallot #4

Did you know that shallots can be grown almost anywhere in the US? They thrive in every type of soil except for clay. They have very shallow roots so they do not need a lot of soil preparation.

Parsnip #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Parsnip #5

Did you know that parsnips thrive on excess moisture early? As they approach maturity, make sure you cut back on moisture as excess moisture at this stage can cause the root to crack.

Rhubarb #2 1024 768 Eco Garden Systems

Rhubarb #2

Did you know that rhubarb is a perennial? Rhubarb is very hearty and can grow for you year after year. A quick note – first year plants will likely not provide you any harvest. Rhubarb begins to produce in year #2.

Chard #2 150 150 Eco Garden Systems

Chard #2

Did you know that Rhubarb is a member of the chard family?

Radish #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Radish #3

Did you know that radishes can thrive in almost any garden? They are used as row markers for slower germinating crops (since radishes germinate so quickly) and can be grown in pots in windows just as easily as outdoors.

Lima Beans #7 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Lima Beans #7

Did you know that Lima Beans require a rather long growing season of 75-90+ days?

Sweet Potato #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Sweet Potato #5

Did you know that sweet potatoes have a very long growing cycle (~150 days)? They also need warm and moist conditions to thrive and maximize tuber growth. If you plan on growing seedings (from pieces of a mature potato) your sprouting bed should be between 70 degrees and 80 degrees and should not be allowed to dry out.

Cucumbers #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Cucumbers #2

Did you know that cucumbers need help in pollination? If you are rooftop or balcony gardening, you may need to use a small brush to take pollen from male flowers (those without an immature fruit on the stem) and use…

Eggplant #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Eggplant #4

Did you know that eggplant performs best in full sun with rich soil with excellent drainage? They are easily susceptible to root rot in soil that is too moist. This make them perfect for growing in an Eco Garden!

Pumpkins #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Pumpkins #2

Did you know that pumpkin plants are notorious creepers? They can quickly take over a garden if the plant is not trained properly. Pumpkins grow well in an Eco Garden – as long as you control growth and trim back some of the vines.

Brussels Sprouts #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Brussels Sprouts #2

Did you know that Brussels Sprouts – which look like mini-cabbage heads – grow from a heavy, center stalk? Brussels Sprouts are also members of the cabbage (or Cole) family.

Potatoes #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Potatoes #4

Did you know that potatoes are perfect for elevated gardens – and especially an Eco Garden Original Garden? Check out our Facebook page for photos! They need well-draining soil to thrive making them perfect for and Eco Garden.

String Beans #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

String Beans #4

Did you know that sting beans prefer a drier growing environment? Be careful not to overwater either young or mature plants or you can harm total production!

Potatoes #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Potatoes #3

Did you know that potatoes are grown from “seed pieces” or pieces of whole potatoes? Each “seed piece” must have at least one eye to sprout. Don’t use supermarket potatoes as they have been chemically treated to not sprout.

Turnip #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Turnip #3

Did you know that turnips do not transplant well so are best grown from seed? They are a great winter crop in the south and a spring/fall crop in the north.

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