Extend Sustainability

Grow your own food using water responsibly.

Our Mission:

Bring people together to share the wonder of growing food for their own table.

Our Goal:

To change the way you garden.

The Innovative, Smart and Easy-to-Use Garden for Everyone


Are You Ready to #GardenDifferent?

The Original Garden by Eco Garden Systems will transform the way you garden. Our elevated, modern box garden is quick to set up, easy to maintain and fun to use for all ages. The Garden puts you in control of the environment your plants live in (soil, water, nutrients, contaminants, etc.) to help maximize your overall gardening experience.

Indoor gardening year-round or extended outdoor seasonal gardening, the choice is yours with an Original Garden from Eco Garden Systems.

Watch the Garden Come to Life

We believe everyone should have the capability of bringing fresh food in from the garden.

Do you enjoy bonding over growing things to eat with your family and friends?


Are you ready to enhance the growth and performance of your garden with Eco Garden’s patented Air Gap gardening system?


Do you want complete control of the nourishment of your garden with a minimized environmental footprint?

Gardening should be without limitations. Eco Garden brings garden access to anyone who wants to #GardenDifferent.