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  • Our perforated soil platform (one of our patented points of difference) not only holds all of your growing medium but allows roots to grow through the perforations into the Water Reservoir.

  • Our onboard water reservoir allows your plants to avoid competing for their most precious resource. Additionally, the overflow valve guarantees your plants will not get flooded and keeps oxygenated water available at all times.

  • This oxygen rich and moisture rich air layer between the soil platform and water reservoir acts as a super charger for plant growth – allowing your plants to drink and breath at the same time. The Air Gap is the breakthrough that allows your plants to reach maturity twice as fast as normal, produce up to 50% more product and use 65% less water than traditional gardening methods.

Eco Garden Raised Garden Bed new price $995

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  • We get it – your life is hectic. From work to kids to family to community and other commitments, you need easy to make life flow more smoothly. The last thing you need is a garden that adds to your stress level. We have created a remarkable garden that puts you in complete control – all while taking the guesswork out of gardening. If you are ready to #GardenDifferent then an Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden is for you.

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How does the Eco Garden work? Discover features and get tips for your new raised garden bed.

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A Garden For Everyone

The Original Garden by Eco Garden Systems will transform the way you garden. Our modern gardening system (it all starts with a raised garden bed) is quick to set up, easy to maintain and fun to use for all ages. An Eco Garden puts you in control of the environment your plants live in (soil, water, nutrients, contaminants, etc.) to help maximize your overall gardening experience. Indoor gardening year-round or extended outdoor seasonal gardening, the choice is yours with an Original Garden from Eco Garden Systems.

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importance of a balance of water and soil in the garden

How Do Water and (S)oil Mix?

How Do Water and (S)oil Mix? 1600 1067 Eco Garden Systems

With Spring roaring into April, it is time to start thinking about planting.  In many parts of the country, the old saying that “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is pretty true since plants need water (and soil) to grow and the increase in temperature from April to May creates improving growing conditions for all sorts of plants. But this does not tell the entire story. I mentioned water (April Showers) but have not yet talked about soil and water together, or more importantly soil and moisture saturation. Most ground based gardens are a bit at the mercy of Mother Nature for both soil and water – yes, you can adjust both but wouldn’t it be great if you could start with a completely blank slate (soil) AND manage moisture perfectly?

small plant getting growing

To Get Your Garden Growing, Remember This #1 Virtue

To Get Your Garden Growing, Remember This #1 Virtue 1600 1061 Eco Garden Systems

They say patience is a virtue. Gardening is considered to be a healthy pastime. Patience can help alleviate stress – so can gardening. So why do gardeners seem to forget patience when trying to get their gardens growing? If you are like we are, you are checking your seedlings daily, you check flowers and emerging fruit (and probably handle or touch them to make sure they are okay) and these are not patient acts. In gardening as in business, the fruits of your labors (profit in business and, well,  fruits in gardening) are outcomes of the activities you perform. So, why can’t we just let things happen? That is the dilemma we want to cover today.

raised garden beds for school gardens

School Gardens: From PreK to Grade 12 and Beyond

School Gardens: From PreK to Grade 12 and Beyond 1600 800 Eco Garden Systems

There is an old saying that the future is in our children. Teachers and administrators for schools are perhaps one of the largest groups of unsung heroes who invest their time and energy into making sure every kid has the opportunity to grow into their potential. At Eco Garden Systems, we see this as an opportunity to entice each new class into the amazing world of gardening. After Senior Centers, we think that raised garden beds can have the largest positive impact in a school environment.

The great thing about gardening with kids is that the simplicity and complexity can be matched to the age of the students. A few thoughts from our work with schools on the different age groups and some building blocks at every level.

Join us to explore the implications and things to keep in mind when implementing school gardens for various age groups.

planing containers for indoor spring planting

Getting Ready for Spring Planing: Seeds to Seedlings to Transplant

Getting Ready for Spring Planing: Seeds to Seedlings to Transplant 729 485 Eco Garden Systems

Ahhh Spring – Planting Season!

Hope springs eternal (bad pun – sorry!) for our next great gardening adventure. What did we learn last year? What has changed for us since we plucked the last tomato rom the vine? What changes do we want to make? What sort of “new” will we embrace? What will we do again? The slate is clean, the days are getting longer and we can hardly wait until it is warm enough to plant. The key is to get started – have a plan. If you are like us, then you have probably already been thinking about next year’s spring planting season.

Do you expand your community through sustainable gardening?


Are you ready to enhance the growth and performance of your garden with Eco Garden Systems’ proprietary growing system?


Do you want complete control of your garden while maximizing your sustainability footprint?

We believe everyone should have the capability of bringing fresh food in from the garden.

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The original Eco Garden will transform the way you garden. Quick and simple to setup, sustainable, and efficient — this garden is for any level of gardener.

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Started in 2016, Eco Garden Systems has a long history of gardening, gardening innovation and gardening for seniors.

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