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Eco Garden Systems Original Garden Ecosystem

As the #1 hobby in the United States, gardening has an established “culture” or set of rules that set the definition of “normal”. At Eco Garden Systems, we have created a new normal – and it is very different from traditional gardening. So much so that we embrace the concept of #GardenDifferent. How is our garden ecosystem different? Let us explain.

When you set out to change an ecosystem (or, in our case, create a new one) you have to start with a new point of view. We started with a single core concept – the garden had to be elevated enough so that no one would have to bend over – all gardening could be done standing straight up and leaning if necessary. Our raised bed garden is 39” tall – counter height – making the garden edge roughly waist height for most people.

Once this new height was established, everything else became about making gardening easier for the gardener – whether experienced or novice. This means access to moisture – absolutely necessary for plants to thrive and grow and a bit cumbersome to haul around for any distance. This led to the idea of keeping water in the garden at all times – with an on-board reservoir. This reservoir would be accessible to all plants and could be used to nurture the garden when the caretaker was not available.

This reservoir created a bit of a challenge – plant roots had to get into the reservoir to maximize water use but had to be separated from the water to avoid a common issue with many wicking beds – wet feet. Wet feet occur when a plant’s roots are constantly in a soil/water mix that creates the potential for both rot and oxygen deprivation. Water that is trapped in soil soon becomes oxygen poor – and any roots in that type of soil/water combo begin to struggle. We solved this issue with a perforated soil platform – our patented point of differentiation. This perforated base allows water to drain into the reservoir and allows plant roots to grow through the platform and into the water reservoir.

Wait some will say – didn’t you just say that roots in water is bad? No – roots in a soil/water mix is bad. Most plants have a tap root which seeks water in the soil – growing every downward (and sometimes sideways) seeking sources of moisture. Our reservoir lets the tap root get all of the moisture it needs to help the plant thrive. If our reservoir butted up against our soil platform, then we have the issue of oxygen loss – there is no where for the roots to get new oxygenated water as they lose their ability to breathe.

That brings us to the real engine that drives the performance of our raised bed garden – the Air Gap. The Air Gap is the moisture and oxygen rich layer of air between the water reservoir and the soil platform that continuously turns over make sure that oxygen is always available. The Air Gap is created by the overflow drain – ensuring that your Eco Garden will never flood and deprive your plants of oxygen. Not only does the Air Gap allow plants to breath, it provides moisture to the bottom layers of soil (through osmosis) and allows many of the cilia roots to hang out in this moisture and oxygen rich environment.

Okay, so that sets the science behind what makes an Eco Garden different – but we did not stop there. We looked at how each garden serves it’s owner and determined that most currently available raised bed gardens were not sufficiently large to allow a family to solve their vegetable needs. Our Original Garden is 4’ x 6’ (24 feet of growing space) that actually can grow as much as an in-ground (or traditional raised bed) garden – giving you the same amount of product as you can get out of a 48 square foot growing space. As the largest raised bed self-watering garden, we can help you grow enough food for your family and neighbors – not just for a meal but for the entire season.

How can this be? All of the elements come together to create the ecosystem that delivers these results:

  • The gardening culture recommends a “Square Foot” gardening method – on plant for every square foot of soil or ground. We break down this barrier as the Air Gap and Water Reservoir combine to reduce competition for the scarce resource of water without over-watering and risking drowning your plants – you can overplant by 35%-50% in an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden.
  • There are various rules of thumb about when to plant, what to plant when and when plants should be pulled for Winter or replaced with other plants. We set out to disprove these rules of thumb – as the Water Reservoir helps modulate soil temperature allowing for a longer growing year (in most climates) and a more plant friendly growing environment that can begin sooner and last longer. This results in many plants producing up to 50% more product during the growing life of the plant.
  • Nutrients – as rain falls, it tends to wash away nutrients – especially if the rain is heavy. This “run off” (especially for agricultural applications) is creating challenges with our water system and our Water Reservoir can help not only preserve those nutrients in solution for plant roots but also reduce the run-off – a double benefit with our patented raised bed garden.

Our final benefit is time – gardening can be a time intensive hobby especially during hot months. Many gardeners either spend a small fortune setting up automatic garden irrigation systems or avoid being gone more than one night in a row to make they can support their growing ambitions should Mother Nature not cooperate. With an Eco Garden and our complete ecosystem, these concerns go away and you receive the gift of time. In normal weather, a long weekend or a week’s vacation is easy – the garden will essentially take care of itself. If you are going to be gone longer or your weather is drier than most areas of the country, you can connect a sprinkler timer to fully automate your garden. Install in-line with your watering hose, program for what your garden needs (five minutes a day once a day is a reasonable starting point) and leave. The on-board watering system will keep your plants hydrated and healthy – and the water reservoir will collect any run-off should you over water or it rains.

We are very focused on helping every gardener (whether current or potential) embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. From growing more of your own food to using resources more wisely (our gardens require ~65% less water than traditional in-ground or raised bed gardens), we are so committed to this that we have kept our fabrication, assembly and fulfillment of our products in the US. We are focused on creating jobs in small towns as evidenced by our current plant location in Little Falls, MN. To us, this is what makes Made in the USA an achievable goal for many products.

An Eco Garden Systems’ garden is intended to be a lifestyle investment – not a short-term distraction but a long-term commitment to connecting with family, friends, communities, etc. all while spending some time away from electronics and “in the wild”. The health benefits of gardening are well proven – with many benefits that can be yours:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced physical well-being
  • Enhancing mental health
  • Forming deeper connections with your “community members”
  • Creating a sense of “larger purpose” that can enhance your overall life both individually and with others

That is who we are – which group are you part of? Click the link that is right for you to learn more

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The original Eco Garden will transform the way you garden. Quick and simple to setup, sustainable, and efficient — this garden is for any level of gardener.

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Started in 2016, Eco Garden Systems has a long history of gardening, gardening innovation and gardening for seniors.

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