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Preparing Your Harvest Can Be as Simple as Growing It

Preparing Your Harvest Can Be as Simple as Growing It 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who doesn’t want to eat better? We all have that nagging desire to exercise more and to add healthy choices to our diets. Every once in a while you hear people say it is too expensive to eat healthy. It can be expensive and choices are limited of where to buy fresh produce and not fork out a lot of money for it.  Farmers markets probably have the best choices when it comes to produce straight from the farm, but they can be pricey and in smaller towns can only appear on weekends. Supermarkets offer a wide variety but you have no idea where or how it was grown and now you have money into something that can potentially make you sick. If eating better is what you desire you definitely want to have complete control on what you are consuming. Farmers Market Supermarket One way to do that is to start your own garden. There are many different choices in gardening methods to get you started. One of the easiest is a raised garden bed that you fill with soil and plant. This type of garden will help you start as a beginner without a whole lot of work. Many of the raised garden beds out there come in different sizes that will fit wherever you may live. Self-watering features are a benefit because they can eliminate confusions over watering. One of the biggest mistakes in a garden is too much water or too little. Research your options and decide what works best for you. Considering how much time and effort you want to commit will help you in the long run maintain and keep a garden. Raised Garden Bed Whether you purchase or grow your own vegetables there is still the desire to prepare vegetables in different ways…

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Growing Herbs in the Eco Garden System

Growing Herbs in the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Herbs are the wonderful accent to every meal whether it is for extra flavor or to just add a little culinary art to the dish. Most of us feel like gourmet cooks when we use one or two of the many varieties of herbs available. Using fresh herbs is the bonus that every chef would like to have at their fingertips. Planting and growing herbs is very simple especially if you plant them in an elevated bed or a container that is easy to reach for an easy harvest. There is a variety that you can choose from to plant depending on your cooking style. Here are five herbs to consider the next time you plant your garden: Parsley I begin with parsley because it is very easy to grow and will continue to grow with each harvest. Parsley adds a lot of color to salads, soups, and mixed vegetable dishes. It is widely known for its use as a garnish. Parsley grows best in moist, well-drained soil which makes the Eco Garden System and ideal garden to grow in. It is used in Mediterranean dishes and is packed with nutrients rich in vitamin A, K and E. Oregano Two common varieties of oregano are Greek or Italian. The flavor of oregano is best before the plant blooms. Harvesting and allowing to dry is better for this herb because it does not hold up well to prolong cooking. If using fresh oregano it is best to add towards the end of cooking. Oregano tends to grow in a drier environment with a neutral pH. However in the Eco Garden System it thrives well due to the well-drained soil and the fact that it is easier to contain and control. It should be snipped regularly to keep it bushy and tender. It…

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Gardening in an Eco Garden

Gardening in an Eco Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who Can Benefit From This Fantastic Garden? I have been busy planting the last two weeks and now with the gardens planted I am amazed how fast the Eco Gardens grow! I planted on May 12th and already the gardens are filled to the brim with a multiple variety of vegetables. I harvested the romaine lettuce for dinner last night and it was what fresh from the garden lettuce is…wonderful! No worries of bacteria or of getting sick from what comes right out of my front yard garden. It really is an amazing garden! I injured my back a month ago and if I had to face the ground garden I had years ago I would have had to of said “Next year!” But with the Eco Garden all I do is watch and harvest. No bending, no kneeling, and no pulling hoses to water every spot. It is not a complicated system. It is a self- watering system that has a water reservoir at the bottom of the garden. It wicks the water to the root of the plants to keep them hydrated at all times. It is the garden for the future generation. I say that, because I have raised three of the future generation and they are more in tune to the Eco concept than the dig in the ground concept. The millenniums are a busy bunch and social media has taken over their lives to the point that if they want to garden they have a small window of time set aside for just that task. Not to mention it is so easy to learn gardening in this system. When young people do sports year round the art of gardening just does not make the list of priorities. My niece Abbey has signed up to take…

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The Incredible Edible Flower

The Incredible Edible Flower 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Who knew that a flower was edible? If you think about it, however, most of the vegetables you eat come from flowering plants, and of course herbs can be categorized as flowers. I am sure some of you have been to a wedding where the cake was decorated with amazing beautiful flowers but didn’t realize they were just as edible as the cake.  Well, at least some of them.  My mother, who very much enjoyed planting flowers and a garden, never indicated that you could eat certain ones. I do remember a mint plant that grew by the front door and she did show us how to chew on the leaves for a mint flavor and that was fascinating! As a little girl, I would watch my mom plant flowers and it never crossed my mind that you could actually eat them. There are quite a few that you can grow from seed and consume like any vegetable you grow. The incredible edible flower is out there and it is consider one of the garden trends for 2018. Growing flowers to eat and as companion plants in your garden will give you that beautiful, plentiful garden you always dreamed of having one day. Here are five very common edible plants to consider and two, that like me, you would not have guessed were edible. Pansy/viola Marigolds I start with the one that is my all-time favorite. This without a doubt is a beautiful, fragrant flower that gives color and flavor to any salad or dessert. I made a six layer rainbow cake for my daughter’s birthday and garnished it with pansies. I was so excited to present it to her, more for the fresh flowers than for the surprise colors inside! These are great tasting flowers and I tend to…

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The Millennial Green Obsession

The Millennial Green Obsession 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

The snow is melting, the tulips are popping, and the birds are chirping! This is always a good sign that spring has sprung! One other good sign is the local news and radios are advertising the openings of the farmers’ markets across the state. Have you ever been to a farmers’ market? Just the sight and smell alone of fresh will entice you to come back regularly during the season. One thing that has piqued people’s interest in the last few years is the farmers’ market! It not only is a great place to find just picked berries to beautiful cut flowers but it is a way to expose and educate the younger generation about good clean food. The small family farm is crumbling and younger generations are not as exposed to “Grandpa and Grandma’s farm like the Gen X and Y’s before them. Millennials are seeking opportunities other than farming that can afford them a different lifestyle. The idea of buying fresh, however, has this generation flocking to farmers markets and whole food grocery stores during the season just to get the most recently picked tomato or pesticide free cucumber. With all the recalls on lettuce, what do you do to ensure you are buying safe produce? Buy locally or grow your own! It is poised that the millennials with surpass the baby boomers in population by 2019 and with that there will be a lot of interested 18-34 year olds wanting to grow their own. Healthy eating and exercise are important to this generation! Eating your greens, whether in a smoothie or a well thought out recipe, has become top priority to healthy living. Millennials have doubled their spending on food gardening from the millions to the billions since 2008 and the interest will only increase. So many…

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grow your own food by making vegetable garden plans

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

There is no doubt, gardening is therapeutic! It not only helps our bodies physically but it gives our minds a break from everyday stress we have little to no control over. It provides the spiritual awakening in of all of our senses from listening, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touching. The garden is truly an oasis to get lost in whether you are a gardener or not. Having a relationship with nature has so many benefits and gardening can definitely enhance that bond. Here are some reasons gardening will improve your mind, body and soul.       Meditation is powerful! If you are not one to do yoga, gardening is a very close second. When I am in the garden it is so easy to let go of all of the outside intruders that include work and everyday tasks. Making the garden your main focus in thought is good for promoting calm and relaxation. A cleansing of our mind helps to enhance our senses that in turn improve our mood. Sounds of bees and water add nature’s music to the mix which creates a feeling of solace and comfort. There are no words for the beautiful flowers and produce that give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation. And, above all, the fragrance and feel of gorgeous flowers, plants and soil that makes every gardener happy. A true meditation paradise!      Growing healthy food is a hot topic. When I had children I decided a summer garden would teach my kids not only to eat the healthy vegetables but to develop a fascination with how they grow. It did that very thing! Just having a garden meant my children were taking their friends to the backyard to show them the carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce that grew from the soil.…

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