“Home is where the heart is.” — Ancient Proverb
The perfect addition to schools, office lobbies, and senior living communities.

Community Gardening

What do all the best restaurants, coffee shops, parks or any other places where people congregate have in common? A comfortable sense of space, community or that ever elusive feeling that you are “home”.

Eco Garden Systems brings a little bit of that home environment to wherever you put one. Nothing says home like a burst of fresh flowers, the savory aroma of growing herbs or the inviting appeal of a tomato plant in full bloom. An Eco Garden is the perfect touch of home for senior living communities, schools, restaurant groups or anywhere else people gather.

Our raised box gardens allow you to grow better quality and greater quantity, all while focusing on sustainability and, best of all, an environmentally friendly platform for wherever you need a little bit of “home”.

Eco Garden Systems are simple, fast and productive. Our automated watering system allows for natural and organic gardening and creating a flourishing, sustainable vegetable garden with very little attention or maintenance needed. In just one hour, you can take your Eco Garden out of the box and start growing plants and vegetables. Connect your water hose to fill the bottom reservoir with water, add the proper soil blend atop the platform and plant your seeds. Eco Garden takes care of the rest for you!

At Eco Garden Systems we want every person to be able to grow their own bit of “home”. We know where the heart is – and we know how to #GardenDifferent.

Bring a healthy, vibrant and productive sense of “home” to any location.

Senior Complex Gardens

Activities: An Eco Garden provides daily activity for your residents. Many seniors have enjoyed gardening over the years and will relish the opportunity to continue this activity at your facility. Others who haven’t done much gardening before would love to try their hand at it in their senior years.

Engagement: Keeping residents engaged year round can be a great thing for any community. For seniors, the chance to interact with other residents and to spend active time with friends will help create an overall healthier lifestyle.

Happiness: Busy seniors are happy people – they have something to look forward to and they are able to hold on to a little bit of their “yard based” lives by raising vegetables and other plants. A win/win for your facility!

Interested in bringing a way to #GardenDifferent to your residents? Learn more about the benefits of an Eco Garden System for Senior Centers.


Community Center Gardens

Team Building: For any community or group, the ability to get people to work together and share outcomes can create or expand an total sense of community or team.

Lifestyle: With the go, go, go approach of life today, time with friends and compatriots provides a great way to stop and smell the flowers (or flowering vegetable plants) and manage stress through digging in the dirt.

Sharing: Think of the benefit to the larger community of a group raising vegetables – the bounty that an Eco Garden produces can be shared with other members of the community or as part of a community service project to help the disadvantaged.

Is your community interested in an Eco Garden System? We have a solution just for you. Explore Eco Garden System for Community Gardens.

Restaurant Gardens

Herbs: Differentiation and keeping up with changing tastes is a huge part of restaurant success. Imagine being able to offer fresh cut herbs for all meals – and using that as a way to reward customers who choose your restaurant!

Fresh: In an age when the eating public is demanding “fresh” and “organic” offerings, what better way to satiate that desire than with on-site, fresh cut, newly picked and special varieties to fit your menu? Sure, Farmer’s markets and food service distributors have shortened supply chains, but nothing can beat on-site growing to enhance the dining experience.

Control: With full control of key ingredients, consistency suddenly becomes a point of pride and a point of difference. Year round production is now possible – and can give you a leg up on the competition.


School Gardens

Kids that grow vegetables, eat vegetables: Teaching kids the art of growing things will help with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and Eco Garden has some pretty cool science and technology! On-site growing will get students to try more vegetables– what gardeners grow, then tend to eat!

Healthy Lifestyle: Processed food – the bane of healthy eating and many healthy lifestyles. Imagine instilling in your students the desire and ability to grow healthy and nutritious food as part of their emerging lifestyles.

Change how kids approach food: Too many consumers – especially kids – do not understand what it takes to get a product to market. Creating and nurturing respect for the work and benefits of agriculture can help not only your kids but your community create better life outcomes.

Are you a teacher or administrator interested in an Eco Garden System for your school? We offer great opportunities for your community. Explore Eco Garden System for Schools.

Are you a Landscape Architect interested in an Eco Garden System? We have a solution for your next project. Explore Eco Garden System for Landscape Architects.

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