Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

There is no doubt, gardening is therapeutic! It not only helps our bodies physically but it gives our minds a break from everyday stress we have little to no control over. It provides the spiritual awakening in of all of our senses from listening, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touching. The garden is truly an oasis to get lost in whether you are a gardener or not. Having a relationship with nature has so many benefits and gardening can definitely enhance that bond. Here are some reasons gardening will improve your mind, body and soul.

      Meditation is powerful! If you are not one to do yoga, gardening is a very close second. When I am in the garden it is so easy to let go of all of the outside intruders that include work and everyday tasks. Making the garden your main focus in thought is good for promoting calm and relaxation. A cleansing of our mind helps to enhance our senses that in turn improve our mood. Sounds of bees and water add nature’s music to the mix which creates a feeling of solace and comfort. There are no words for the beautiful flowers and produce that give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation. And, above all, the fragrance and feel of gorgeous flowers, plants and soil that makes every gardener happy. A true meditation paradise!

     Growing healthy food is a hot topic. When I had children I decided a summer garden would teach my kids not only to eat the healthy vegetables but to develop a fascination with how they grow. It did that very thing! Just having a garden meant my children were taking their friends to the backyard to show them the carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce that grew from the soil. My youngest son brought his friend to the backyard and proceeded to show him how to pull a carrot, rinse it off with the hose and eat it. At the age of six there was a major wow and cool factor to that process which in turn had them eating a lot of carrots! The fascination a garden can provide from an early age means it will carry into their adult life for a healthy lifestyle.

    Slowing our minds and bodies down gives our soul the ability to connect spiritually. Going to church has always been one way to reconnect with your inner thoughts, meaning taking the time to really think about life. The garden is not much different than church. Surrounding yourself with nature is the best way to rejuvenate your soul. It is like the old saying “Slow down and take time to smell the Roses.” The garden enables you to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life.

Gardening may not be for everyone due to time, space and ability. With all the new and different ways to garden it is becoming easier for everyone to try their hand at planting and growing their own food. There are so many new ways to incorporate gardening into busy lives that it is worth the effort to try. If gym and workout centers are not for you, definitely consider gardening to feed your Mind, Body and Soul!

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