Understanding the Value of a Raised Garden Bed

Let’s Explore the Value in an Eco Garden System Original Garden

There are so many different raised bed gardens on the market, how can you decide which one is right for you? There are several factors to consider when looking to make a purchase in this space:

Is the raised garden bed at the right height?

This is the best question to start with. If you want to elevate your gardening game, make sure you understand where “comfort” is in terms of height. Box gardens are fine – but they are only ~6” off of the ground. If you goal is to stop bending, stooping or crawling than this may not be the style for you.

Too many “traditional” raised garden beds are “thigh height” – their top edge ends up somewhere between the knees and hips. While this is okay, there is still an unnatural bending that has to occur that can be hard on your back and knees. We recommend (and are built to) waist height – ~39” – roughly the height of your kitchen counter (ever wonder why your countertop is that height – it is the most comfortable height for spending time working on your feet).

Is the garden easy to put together?

Anything over an hour and anything more than three tools is too much in our opinion. This means the manufacturer has passed their labor cost on to you. We have put together several of our competitor’s gardens and they typically take somewhere between two and three hours to put together and require a large chunk of your toolbox (assuming you have one) – that is not only frustrating but assumes everyone is a mechanic. An Eco Garden Systems Original Garden takes less than 45 minutes to put together and only requires three tools.

Our goal is to get your from box to actively gardening in less than two hours.

How long will my raised garden bed last compared to a wooden garden box?

We see gardening as an investment in your family’s future – so our garden is built to last 20+ years. Most wooden raised bed gardens are made from cheap materials that can’t stand up to weather – from temperature changes to hot sun to lots of rain – and they fall apart in ~three years. We did not want our customers to experience that – two hours of construction every couple of years just does not seem right. Our Original Garden was designed to last – potentially over multiple generations and life stages.

Is my raised garden bed better for the environment than my neighbor’s garden box?

We get questions all the time about why our garden is made from food-grade plastic – and the reason is longevity and recyclability. We felt that the ability to use less water through an on-board water reservoir was worth the move from wood or metal to plastic. Plastic does not deteriorate in water – meaning your Eco Garden will deal with the elements while helping you use 65% less water than other gardens. Since water is projected to be one of the most important resources for the future, we are geared to saving that resource now.

Will my raised garden bed produce as much as my in-ground garden beds?

We can’t speak for other gardens but we know from our experience (and from studies done by the University of Minnesota and Concordia University in St. Paul, MN) that an Eco Garden Systems’ garden can produce up to twice as much as a comparable in-ground plot. This is due to our ecosystem of Perforated Soil Platform/Water Reservoir/Air Gap Technology – all designed to not only help your plants reach maturity faster but also to maximize space efficiency through an abundance of resources (like water). An Eco Garden is also designed to produce deeper into the growing season – all of these together mean you can produce as much in our 4’x6’ garden as you can in a 4’x12’ in-ground plot.

Gardening takes a lot of time – will I ever be able to go on vacation?

At Eco Garden Systems we designed our raised bed gardens to make your life easier. Not everyone has a perfect green thumb and not everyone wants to spend 24/7/365 in the garden. With our Original Garden you can have a successful garden and still have time with the family (perhaps even passing on your passion for gardening) and have the flexibility to take a vacation without worrying about your plants and vegetables.

Wait – aren’t these raised garden beds the same as “wicking beds”?

No – the Eco Garden raised garden bed is different from a wicking bed. Wicking beds tend to have their lower layers of soil immersed in water meaning their on-board water reservoir is like oil in a lamp – and the soil is the wick. This is kind a cool idea – but can also lead to “wet feet” or the swamping of your plants’ root systems. We purposely designed our raised bed gardens so there was a “gap” between the soil and the water reservoir. This Air Gap create an oxygen rich and moisture rich layer that allows plants to supercharge their own growth. This is, in our estimation, a superior method of keeping moisture present.

So, since your garden lasts so long, do you provide an extended warranty?

We do – our warranty is for three years (most raised be garden warranties are for a year or less) for workmanship and performance of the bed, feet and legs. We are confident that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep our gardens from performing as promised!

At $1,695 (plus shipping) the Eco Garden Original Garden is expensive – is it worth it?

Well, we obviously think so. Not only do we offer the extended warranty but we also can help you understand not only the performance value but also the financial value – take a look at the following chart and table.

value of a raised garden bed

Monetary Value Comparison: What is the real cost of ownership?

  Eco Garden Systems
Competitor’s Raised Garden Bed
Cost $1,695.00 $732.00
Longevity 20+ years 4 years
20 Year Cost $1,695.00 $3,660.00
Veggies/Annual1 $1,000 $500
Veggies/Lifetime $20,000 $10,000
Water Use/Annual 155 gallons 470 gallons
Water Use/Lifetime 3,275 gallons 9,360 gallons
Total Return $18,305 (+ water savings) $6,340
Height 39” – Waist 20” – Knee
Soil Platform Yes – safe No – risk
Assembly Time 45 minutes 2+ hours

1Based on speed to maturity of 2x, overplanting of 35% and a longer growing season

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