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Ten Ways To Make Your Backyard Garden Something To Be Proud Of

Ten Ways To Make Your Backyard Garden Something To Be Proud Of 974 547 Eco Garden Systems

The concept of gardening isn’t just about nurturing nature. Your house equally needs to be beautiful. Gardening ensures that your spare time is useful. And a backyard garden is a great place to start.

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Nature is Calling Us

Nature is Calling Us 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Trends come and go with each changing year. Gardening trends do the same with many different focuses on edible flowers to wall gardens to what to plant and not plant. The gardening world is no different than the fashion world with the “What’s hot, what’s not! However, one thing for sure never changes and that is the focus on nature and environment. One focus is loud and clear and that is how do we improve our environment? Each year there is a list of trending gardening ideas and the list for 2019 is not disappointing for the environment. There is one clear message in all the trends: We all can get out there and grow something green! It is possible!  Here are some remarkable trends predicted for 2019: Urban gardens Urban gardens are on the rise and should be. With all the possible products and devices out there to choose from everyone should grow something. Small place complaints don’t mean anything with the new and improved pots and raised garden beds available on the market. You do not need land to garden anymore. Small and middle size gardens are available and can be landscaped around or accessorized for aesthetic appeal. If you have acreage it does not mean you have to go big or go home! Pick a location and start small. Community gardens are a nice way to contribute as well. Restaurant gardens Who doesn’t want to eat at a restaurant that brags we grew it ourselves. The popularity of sitting among your food is on the rise just like the trendy restaurants that used to display meat as you walked in to ensure you knew right where your food was coming from. Rooftop gardens are popping up all over the world as the #farmtofork becomes a trademark. Growing…

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Cleaning and Storing Your Garden Tools

Cleaning and Storing Your Garden Tools 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Think Spring! This time of year in colder regions it is hard to imagine gardening. Snow covered ground and cold whipping wind have us all hibernating indoors for a long winter. However there are some garden tasks that can be completed to get you ready for the spring garden season. One certain task that can get overlooked is cleaning your garden tools. Garden tools are really an important asset to anyone who gardens. I say asset for the mere fact that some tools can be very expensive! If you do spend a lot on your tools it is important to clean and maintain them just as you would your lawn mower or lawn clippers. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure your garden tools last a long time: Gather supplies and remove any soil that remains on the tools.  Supplies needed include vinegar, baking soda, mineral or linseed oil, paper towels, a scrub brush and a bucket of sand. Using rubbing alcohol or bleach can also be used to ensure no disease or soil bacteria is left on the tools. Remember that soil left in pots or on tools can still harbor bacteria that can infect your soil the following season. After removing soil, rinse and dry. Spray vinegar on any parts that have rust. Some of your tools may have rust forming on them due to lack of cleaning each time you use them. Moisture is essential in the garden and without a doubt your tools come in contact with a lot of moisture all the time. Many gardeners tend to neglect this task due to using these tools often. Plus, it can get time consuming cleaning after EVERY use. Believe me you are not alone! Many of us have done it, which makes this winter task…

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Winterizing the Eco Garden System

Winterizing the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Another garden season has ended here in the Midwest and it is time to put the Eco garden System away for the winter. When life gets busy it is hard to keep up with the seasonal everyday tasks that come with gardening especially in the spring and in the fall. The Eco garden System was designed to eliminate most of those tasks and still produce healthy garden vegetables. Winterizing these gardens is as simple as gardening in these units. Because the gardens are made out of recyclable durable plastic, they can with stand many climate changes and extremes. In the northern states this time of the year those extremes are freezing temperatures. The Eco system has a water reservoir that should be drained to avoid expansion of the garden itself. Putting a cover on the garden will also avoid the possibility of rain or melted snow refilling the reservoir. There is a cover that is made especially for these gardens and can be purchased on our website. There are five simple steps to winterizing the garden for the winter months using the Eco garden cover: Step one: Open the spigot located on the side of the garden. This should be turned until it stops to ensure it is completely open. Leave this open throughout the winter months to allow drainage if needed. (Now you may have some debris that will need to be removed to clear the opening for the water to drain out. A simple tweezer or even a stick will remove what is clogging the spigot.) Step two: Let water drain out. This might take fifteen minutes to one hour depending on how much water is in the tank. If some water is left in the reservoir that is not a problem. What little water left on the…

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The Trial and Error of Gardening

The Trial and Error of Gardening 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

How many of you have been discouraged after planting a garden to find out some of your vegetation is not thriving? From brown spots to yellow leaves to weird looking bugs on your tomato and broccoli leaves, gardening has challenges that can make you want to quit immediately or run to your computer and google “Why are my pepper plant leaves turning yellow?” (If I haven’t googled it once I have googled it five times and that can be in one day.) I want quick answers to salvage what is left of the plant from diseases that will NOT go away on their own! Because I garden in a very large self-watering container, the most common diseases I run into usually come from existing plants that I purchase from nurseries or from organisms that arrive via wind first class. I have had to pull one cucumber plant and one tomato plant as well as some nasturtiums this garden season due to a few significant reasons. Here are three gardening issues that I have had to deal with when gardening in the Eco Garden System. Yellowing of leaves This can be on just about any plant that is growing in the garden. It is common in just about every garden and can be caused by one of three main factors: water, nutrients, or pests. A process of elimination of these three factors and problem solved! My first thought is watering. In a self- watering container this should be the easiest to eliminate. I know our first reaction is not enough water or too much water which with the Eco Garden system this should not be the case! Overwatering gives you wilted plants and under watering gives you shriveled up dry plants. A good way to test is to poke your finger…

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The Pros and Cons of Elevated Garden Bed Options

The Pros and Cons of Elevated Garden Bed Options 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Raised beds have taken the garden world by storm by giving people a stress free gardening choice. There are so many varieties available to the consumer it is hard to choose one that fits all your needs. We have traveled quite a bit this year across the U.S. with our garden, the Eco Garden System, and have listened to numerous questions about elevated gardens from many different gardeners we have encountered at these events. Some of the comments range from “Is it chemical free?” to “Will it last?” Needless to say, elevated gardening is on the rise and consumers are looking for solutions to gardening headaches. How are they different in comparison? Here are a few points on three different elevated beds available and how you can choose one type or many types for your gardening needs. Wicking Beds The Eco Garden System is the largest wicking bed (as we know) on the market right now. It is made out of recyclable food grade plastic (HDPE) that resists fading and cracking. It is durable and will last 20 or more years. Here is what makes Eco unique from other elevated wicking beds. Eco has an automated watering system which recycles the water below to sprinkle the top of your soil. This is very beneficial when germinating seeds and replacing nutrients to your plants. It uses 65 percent less water and because of the size of the garden there is less evaporation and salt build up that you can get with smaller wicking systems. The Eco garden bed is easy to install with fewer parts than other kit systems. It is also easy to clean and store, as well as move, if you relocate. (No garden left behind!) The Eco system also has about an inch air gap between the grate…

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How to Garden in an Eco Garden System

How to Garden in an Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What is it? How does it work? How do you fill it? How is it different? It is unique and different! It is an old system that has been around for a while in a new and improved body. It is a way to garden that can elevate backaches and muscle strain as well as breakdown the barrier to the question, how do I start a garden? It is a system that not only guides you to learning gardening if you have never done it before, to a system that enhances your knowledge of gardening if you are advanced and want to grow new varieties. It is easy to maintain and clean and can be landscaped around for an aesthetic “welcome to the garden” atmosphere. It is the Eco Garden System! The Eco Garden System uses the wicking method of gardening. This method has been around for decades and involves a reservoir at the bottom of your garden that wicks water to your soil that than allows your plant’s roots to find and use when needed. This system helps all of us with the one thing that makes a garden grow and that is WATER! Good soil plays an important part but without sufficient water nothing will grow in it. In the Eco system, over and under watering become minor, because the system waters itself. There are no bad gardeners just forgetful waterers! We are a busy society and forgetting to water a garden is common. Watering extra to make up a day lost can mean overwatering. The Eco Garden System lets you sow and go without the guesswork of watering. The Eco Garden System is delivered by truck to your front door. It comes in a large box with the legs and feet inside the garden box. Establish a…

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Zone Gardening and the Eco Garden System

Zone Gardening and the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

For those of you trying gardening for the first time, it is important to know what zone you live in. Growing up in the western state of Montana, it was known that the winters were long and the growing season was short. Gardening, was at best, a summer past time that kept rural kids busy when school was out! When I moved to Wisconsin it was mentioned to me that you planted potatoes on Good Friday. Well, in Montana, snow can be 6 inches deep on that day, so how on earth do you plant a potato? Key word in the gardening world: ZONE!  Southern Wisconsin and Central Montana are two different zones! In the northern regions, the winters are cold which means gardening goes into hibernation till the first sign of spring. The southwest, south, and southeast regions do a little more hibernating when the summer heat becomes too intense in these areas. Gardening is year round in these regions even though wintertime lows can be pretty cold and frost warnings are possible. Having a complete understanding of your zone will help you in determining what to plant and when to plant.  Locate your zone on a plant zoning map( USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard) and research your average last frost date and your average first frost date. This way you will know when to start your seeds indoors and when to cover your plants outdoors. Other factors to consider that affect individual growth of plants are soil, moisture, humidity and wind. In the Eco Garden system gardening can start earlier and end later due to the fact that consistent moisture and temperature can be sustained and the ability to cover when needed is convenient. The food grade plastic insulates the soil to maintain consistencies in…

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Garden The Eco Way

Garden The Eco Way 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What is Eco anyway? The word Eco is short for ecology, the study of organisms and their environment. However, when we use the word Eco-friendly we are describing human ecology, meaning ways to preserve environmental quality of our natural resources through conservation. When we say Eco-friendly it merely means having little to no harm or impact to the environment. Goods and services that are eco-friendly help sustain and promote a healthy environment. This is becoming top priority for most people who fear environment tragedies that can include depletion of the earth’s water. Top gardening trends for 2018 have mentioned the need to conserve and sustain and the idea of changing how we garden. The Eco garden system is an elevated garden container. It applies the three R’s of environmental change which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. In gardening it is very easy to consume a lot of water due to the fact that vegetables and plants need a lot of it. In the Eco System there is a reservoir that is filled once every two weeks in the heat of the summer and once every three to four weeks during spring and fall. This reservoir provides enough water to sustain the plants for healthy growing. It also uses a sprinkler system on top of the soil that recycles the water from the reservoir below. This system ensures that nutrients won’t be washed away and that they will be returned to the soil. This garden not only saves on 65 percent of your water usage, but recycles and reuses the nutrients. The garden itself is made out of recyclable food grade plastic that can last up to 40 years. This cuts down on the need to replace wood raised gardens that deteriorate after time. If you think about it, no more…

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Planning A New Garden

Planning A New Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Don’t just plan it, Plant it! New Year resolutions are made every year and with those resolutions come excitement and motivation. January starts out with a bang and off we go running to change our old ways and start new ones. Exercise and diet seem to always top the most popular New Year’s resolutions. If changing your lifestyle by eating better is on your list, why not try and grow your own organic food. It is that simple! Most of the population has had some exposure to gardening with either growing up gardening or getting some education in school programs. Finding the resources to start a garden can be a challenge. Not everyone has access to land or for that matter space. Container gardening is always an option when there is no place to dig. If planning a new garden is on your list of resolutions, here are five things to consider with container gardening that will not just get you thinking about it but get you planting it: • Selecting a container      Selecting a larger container to plant will eliminate the constant need for watering. Smaller planters will dry out faster especially if wind is a factor where you live. Self-watering planters are a great way to start a new garden because it takes the guesswork out of the too much, too little fear of over or under watering. Having a complete understanding of the amount of time and money you want to put into gardening will also help you with the first phase of starting a garden. Choosing a container that will last the duration of garden seasons will help you grow and learn with your garden. • Choosing a spot     Choosing a spot to put your container garden can be overwhelming. Decks and…

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