It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about? — Henry David Thoreau
Our products and innovation allow you to economically expand your production.

Industrial Growing Needs

At Eco Garden Systems, our strength is creating the future for growing things in an efficient and effective manner. Our two standard products (the Original Garden and the Backyard Garden) are targeted at identified, conventional needs in growing.

For our industrial partners, we take a bit of a different approach. We work with your team to identify the needed outcomes to create a profitable business. We then work with our team to develop a variety of custom growth solutions that focus on raised bed gardens and vertical growing solutions. Our goal is to leverage your experience combined with our knowledge and capabilities to deliver breakthrough results for your business.

Our goal is to identify different markets that are currently either under served with creative thinking about growing plants or perhaps are unaware that there are different solutions to solving today’s emerging challenges in controlled environment agriculture. We continue to explore new and better ways to control every aspect of growing and gardening—moisture, temperature, air flow, different atmosphere needs and many other factors that can impact total production.

Are you ready to #GardenDifferent when it comes to maximizing plant growth and production? If so, then we are the company for you— Eco Garden Systems offers elevated, automated, sustainable gardening that can deliver higher production at a faster rate. Let’s talk about how we can reinvent the future and share what we’ve learned about how to drive growing performance to new highs.

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