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    Take the Guesswork Out of Gardening

    The Eco Garden system is quick to set up, easy to maintain, and fun to use.

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How Should You #GardenDifferent?

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Eco Garden Systems Backyard Garden

Eco Garden Systems makes elevated gardening at home simple. Our system is quick to set up, easy to maintain and fun to use. Our elevated gardening system has been manufactured to reflect a new, modern way of gardening that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy for every member of the family to enjoy. Are you ready to #GardenDifferent?

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Eco Garden Systems Original Garden

Eco Garden Systems brings a little bit of that home environment to wherever you put them. Nothing says home like a burst of fresh flowers, the savory aroma of growing herbs or the inviting appeal of a tomato plant in full bloom. The Eco Garden Original Garden is perfect for whatever community you are part of – family, neighborhood, senior center, school, or anywhere else people gather and can share the bounty. Are you ready to #GardenDifferent?

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Eco Garden Markets Served

Home Gardening

Home Gardening

Home Gardening

Eco Garden Systems – a new way to garden that enhances the Joy of Gardening – from gardening experts to novices with limited time, we can help you #GardenDifferent!

Community Gardening


Community Gardening

How can you take the first steps to #GardenDifferent? Awaken your community (Schools, Senior Centers, Community Centers, Businesses, etc.) to the possibilities of gardening and how to #GardenDifferent with Eco Garden Systems.

Industrial Growing Needs


Industrial Growing Needs

When you need to think different about growing…Traditional, Vertical or Controlled Environment, Eco Garden Systems can help. Why? We #GardenDifferent and #GrowDifferent.

Accelerate Your Garden’s Growth

Studies indicate (University of Minnesota, 2007 and 2013 research) that managing soil moisture and “supercharging” oxygen intake by plant roots will result in not only faster plant growth but greater overall production. These studies show that production improvements over 25+% – 58+% can be achieved.

Eco Garden Systems proprietary research is underway to explore how much more you can expect with a fully functioning Eco Garden than with more traditional methods.

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