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The Eco Garden System is a revolutionary new gardening system that allows plants to absorb oxygen not only from water but directly from the air due to a revolutionary new “Air Gap” growing method. This method not only supercharges the oxygen intake but also helps maintain moisture better (while conserving water – an Eco Garden can reduce water use by 65%) and through creating a warmer growing atmosphere for a longer period of time.

Multiple studies have been done to measure the impact of increasing oxygen absorption in the roots of bearing plants and the impact that has on total fruit production. These studies are outlined below:

2007: University of Minnesota Study1 – Dr. Albert H. Markhart used an oxygen infusing watering system (the Enki System) to increase water borne oxygen by up to 5x. This study resulted in an increase in overall production (not in total weight but in the numbers of vegetables produced):

  • Brandywine Tomatoes: +21% production
  • Bonnie’s Best Tomatoes: +22% production
  • Bell Peppers: +58% production

Additionally, Dr. Markhart’s study found that in tomatoes both the Vitamin A/beta carotine and Lycopene production inside the fruit also increased – +25% and +63% respectively.

2013: University of Minnesota, North Central Research and Outreach Center2,3 – Terry Nennich (Horticulture Director) and Patricia Johnson (Research Scientist) along with Keith Mann (Plot Coordinator)

This study sought to replicate Dr. Markhart’s findings using a different oxygenation system using Oxygen Research Group, LLC’s “Water Dog” machine (this increase oxygenation of the water by a factor of four).

While slightly different, this group’s findings were similar to Dr. Markhart’s:

  • BHN 589 (Maxifort) Tomatoes: +15.8% production
  • Bell Peppers: +32% production
  • Strawberries: +18.3% production

Other findings include the following:

  • Warmer weather promotes faster plant growth – the Eco Garden System will actually extend “warm” growing through the presence of air, moisture and dirt in a contained environment (which should help expand production even further)
  • Cold weather begins to slow down plant nutrient absorption – again, the Eco Garden System’s contained nature and the presence of air, water and dirt will help keep nutrient absorption going longer leading to more production capacity for each plan

*In our experience, we have seen improved results. Eco Garden Systems proprietary research is now underway to explore how much more you can expect with a fully functioning Eco Garden than with more traditional methods.

1May 8, 2007 Press Release

22013 Oxygen Research Group Memo

32013 Terrence A. Nennich Presentation

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