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Eco Friendly Gardening Checklist

Eco Friendly Gardening Checklist 1200 702 Eco Garden Systems

Creating your own garden is a great way to help the environment in a natural way. This gardening checklist of tips and tricks can help make your garden even more environment friendly in multiple ways.

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Cleaning and Storing Your Garden Tools

Cleaning and Storing Your Garden Tools 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Think Spring! This time of year in colder regions it is hard to imagine gardening. Snow covered ground and cold whipping wind have us all hibernating indoors for a long winter. However there are some garden tasks that can be completed to get you ready for the spring garden season. One certain task that can get overlooked is cleaning your garden tools. Garden tools are really an important asset to anyone who gardens. I say asset for the mere fact that some tools can be very expensive! If you do spend a lot on your tools it is important to clean and maintain them just as you would your lawn mower or lawn clippers. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure your garden tools last a long time: Gather supplies and remove any soil that remains on the tools.  Supplies needed include vinegar, baking soda, mineral or linseed oil, paper towels, a scrub brush and a bucket of sand. Using rubbing alcohol or bleach can also be used to ensure no disease or soil bacteria is left on the tools. Remember that soil left in pots or on tools can still harbor bacteria that can infect your soil the following season. After removing soil, rinse and dry. Spray vinegar on any parts that have rust. Some of your tools may have rust forming on them due to lack of cleaning each time you use them. Moisture is essential in the garden and without a doubt your tools come in contact with a lot of moisture all the time. Many gardeners tend to neglect this task due to using these tools often. Plus, it can get time consuming cleaning after EVERY use. Believe me you are not alone! Many of us have done it, which makes this winter task…

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Get your garden tools ready for spring

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The snow is beginning to melt, leaves are beginning to sprout, and your tools are ready to get back in the soil of your garden. The end of winter is a great time to begin prepping for your spring garden. Not only do your soil, mulch and seeds need time to get ready, but your tools are an important part of the preparation process as well. By the end of February and beginning of March, be sure to do the following to your garden tools: Scrub away any leftover dirt or plant matter from last season with a stiff-bristled brush, rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly to prevent rusting. If there is some rust on your tools, it can be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper. Soak them in white vinegar for a few minutes beforehand to help loosen the rust. If the tool is too rusty, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Organize your tools so they can be easily located when needed. Sharpen blades on your lawn mower, carefully. For first-time gardeners not sure what tools to buy, we suggest these: For digging – shovel, hand shovel, spade, spading fork and a trowel. For weeding – hand cultivator and hand weeder For pruning – floral shears and pruners A new, fun tool we got this season is the dibber! Funny name we know, but it’s the perfect tool for working in our Eco Gardens. Dibbers are pointed wooden – or metal – sticks that are perfect for poking holes in the ground so that seeds can be planted. These work great for when you’re first mapping out where you want to plan each vegetable in your garden. With each new season comes a fresh start to your garden. Take this time…

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