Nature is Calling Us

Nature is Calling Us

Nature is Calling Us 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Trends come and go with each changing year. Gardening trends do the same with many different focuses on edible flowers to wall gardens to what to plant and not plant. The gardening world is no different than the fashion world with the “What’s hot, what’s not! However, one thing for sure never changes and that is the focus on nature and environment. One focus is loud and clear and that is how do we improve our environment? Each year there is a list of trending gardening ideas and the list for 2019 is not disappointing for the environment. There is one clear message in all the trends: We all can get out there and grow something green! It is possible!  Here are some remarkable trends predicted for 2019:

Urban gardens
Urban gardens are on the rise and should be. With all the possible products and devices out there to choose from everyone should grow something. Small place complaints don’t mean anything with the new and improved pots and raised garden beds available on the market. You do not need land to garden anymore. Small and middle size gardens are available and can be landscaped around or accessorized for aesthetic appeal. If you have acreage it does not mean you have to go big or go home! Pick a location and start small. Community gardens are a nice way to contribute as well.

Restaurant gardens
Who doesn’t want to eat at a restaurant that brags we grew it ourselves. The popularity of sitting among your food is on the rise just like the trendy restaurants that used to display meat as you walked in to ensure you knew right where your food was coming from. Rooftop gardens are popping up all over the world as the #farmtofork becomes a trademark. Growing food where you would have never imagined is exciting and beneficial. Continual production of food is vital to our growing population. Having the security of knowing where it comes from and how it is handled is even more important.

Bee and pollinator-friendly plants
If you plant it they will come! Planting a vegetable garden means you will have varieties that will flower and if it flowers it will bring in pollinators. Eliminating the use of pesticides will help maintain our pollinator population and that can start with the small gardener who can use other organic methods of weed and insect control. Choosing plants that attract pollinators can be very easy with the variety available. There are so many new versions of dwarf plants that are sometimes labeled “patio” plants that can be grown in small containers and still produce as much as its larger variety. There are even dwarf versions of fruits such as blackberries that can be grown and harvested on your patio or deck. So think small and think bees!

What’s Hot! Plants that make a fashion statement
Like mentioned earlier plants have become a fashion in most homes. Indoor plants and gardens are trending with the idea of creating an oasis of good vibes. With stressful lives why not! Relaxing at home with a good meal and a paradise like atmosphere would make anyone happier and healthier. Oh the variety of beautiful foliage available to bring home and call your own! Bringing the country garden indoors will trend for some time due to the many millennials that are proud plant parents. At least we hope plant parenting continues!

Eco friendly products
Eco products are very important in a world concerned with an environmental crisis. Choose wisely, should be on every eco product tag available to create awareness of certain environmental harm some of our choices have made. There are many garden products that are made of recycled or recyclable materials as well as offering water saving features. It is important to educate ourselves on environmental impact and become advocates of eco-friendly products. It should no longer make the trend lists but become a common practice among the many of us that garden and educate those who want to garden.

Trends do come and go. But one thing remains clear we all have the ability to grow something green and to do our part to contribute to smarter choices for the environment.

Nature is calling us! We have the knowledge and now the products we should be able to create a paradise!

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