gift of time from garden

An Eco Garden Gives You Time

An Eco Garden Gives You Time 626 417 Eco Garden Systems

They say that time is always equal opportunity – we are only allotted so much and we are encouraged to use it wisely as it is the only commodity that you can’t purchase more of, and you can’t give or receive a gift of time. Now, that being said…

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Concordia proved better garden performance with an eco garden

Gardeners Discover This Secret for Better Garden Performance: A Case Study

Gardeners Discover This Secret for Better Garden Performance: A Case Study 1035 777 Eco Garden Systems

We have shared over the years the better garden performance of an Eco Garden relative to other gardens. Now, check out these findings from a local university.

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College & School Gardens

Are School Gardens the Key to Student Success?

Are School Gardens the Key to Student Success? 1035 777 Eco Garden Systems

There is an old saying that the future is in our children. Teachers and administrators for schools are perhaps one of the largest groups of unsung heroes who invest their time and energy into making sure every kid has the opportunity to grow into their potential. At Eco Garden Systems, we see this as an opportunity to entice each new class into the amazing world of gardening. After Senior Centers (remember, our Original Garden was first developed as an answer to a grandmother no longer being able to get down and crawl around the garden), we think that school gardens can have the largest positive impact in a school environment. The Eco Garden raised garden bed is the perfect format for school-aged children. Learn about the benefits of school gardens at different school age levels.

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military base gardens

What Benefits Can Military Base Gardens Offer?

What Benefits Can Military Base Gardens Offer? 479 329 Eco Garden Systems

Are military base gardens personal gardens or are they organized more like a community garden? The best ones, we feel, are a bit of both. The individual nature of each gardener growing things for their unique needs would seem to favor the “personal garden” narrative. However, the nature of being transient in the military combined with the challenges military families face in blending into their new assignments means there is a need for a more organized program with some longevity and some continuity. Read more about our take on military base gardens.

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gardening in community gardens

The 2 Sides of Community Gardens

The 2 Sides of Community Gardens 545 408 Eco Garden Systems

When exploring or participating in a Community Garden project, you have crossed the divide between personal or individual gardening into the world of Commercial Gardening. Okay, maybe it is just “sort of” commercial but community gardening is this interesting hybrid between the individual and the agricultural – combining the best pieces of two different worlds to bring people together for a shared purpose – maximizing the bounty brought forth from our gardens. Learn about the two sides of community gardens and decide what best describes your community garden.

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how can a restaurant differentiate

How Can a Restaurant Differentiate From Their Competition?

How Can a Restaurant Differentiate From Their Competition? 2000 1374 Eco Garden Systems

In the hyper-competitive retail market (yes, restaurants share some common connectors to how retail works), each outlet needs to stand out from their competition. In the restaurant space, competition comes in many forms. Learn about restaurant completion and how restaurants differentiate in todays competitive landscape.

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giving thanks with a gardening spin

Being Thankful…With a Gardening Spin

Being Thankful…With a Gardening Spin 1280 720 Eco Garden Systems

Have you noticed that a lot of people seem angrier than usual? There does appear to be more angst in the world (or at least in our corner of it) than we remember ever being there in the past (okay, the Vietnam era was a bit angry as well). It is always amazing how appreciation for all we have gets over-run by desire or despair over what we don’t have. Being thankful falls by the wayside. It is our goal at Eco Garden Systems to embrace life through the shared purpose of gardening – and for that we are thankful.

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history and future of gardening

Vegetable Gardening 101: The Future of Gardening

Vegetable Gardening 101: The Future of Gardening 1033 668 Eco Garden Systems

Vegetable gardening has been around a long time, but does the future of gardening retain roots in its rich history? From early civilizations to nomadic tribes and the ancient Greeks, vegetable gardening was a big part of the beginning. What did we have to unlearn in vegetable gardening, and how does that impact the future of gardening?

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gifts for gardeners holiday 2019

Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners in Your Life 1200 813 Eco Garden Systems

Gifts for gardeners is one of our favorite topics because every year there are new gadgets and tools gardeners will love! Read our top 10 garden gifts of 2019, complete with links!

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old ad for ordering vegetable seeds

Step #3: Ordering Vegetable Seeds

Step #3: Ordering Vegetable Seeds 1808 1060 Eco Garden Systems

Some folks think ordering vegetable seeds for a new season of gardening is the most fun part of garden planning. We’ve gathered all your seed resources and tips in one place to help you get set planning your 2020 garden.

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