Garden The Eco Way

Garden The Eco Way

Garden The Eco Way 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

What is Eco anyway? The word Eco is short for ecology, the study of organisms and their environment. However, when we use the word Eco-friendly we are describing human ecology, meaning ways to preserve environmental quality of our natural resources through conservation. When we say Eco-friendly it merely means having little to no harm or impact to the environment. Goods and services that are eco-friendly help sustain and promote a healthy environment. This is becoming top priority for most people who fear environment tragedies that can include depletion of the earth’s water. Top gardening trends for 2018 have mentioned the need to conserve and sustain and the idea of changing how we garden.

The Eco garden system is an elevated garden container. It applies the three R’s of environmental change which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. In gardening it is very easy to consume a lot of water due to the fact that vegetables and plants need a lot of it. In the Eco System there is a reservoir that is filled once every two weeks in the heat of the summer and once every three to four weeks during spring and fall. This reservoir provides enough water to sustain the plants for healthy growing. It also uses a sprinkler system on top of the soil that recycles the water from the reservoir below. This system ensures that nutrients won’t be washed away and that they will be returned to the soil. This garden not only saves on 65 percent of your water usage, but recycles and reuses the nutrients.

The garden itself is made out of recyclable food grade plastic that can last up to 40 years. This cuts down on the need to replace wood raised gardens that deteriorate after time. If you think about it, no more rebuilding raised garden beds that take time, money and precious resources. Because of its contained design it is also a garden bed that can move with you if you have to relocate. Soil can be used three to four seasons as long as you are replenishing with compost and nutrients.

The Eco Garden System is a unique and different way to garden. It conserves our natural resources ensuring you a healthy and abundant harvest. It reduces your water usage, reuses your nutrients, soil and water and above all is made of recyclable food grade plastic that makes it last. So the next time you hear or see “Eco,” think “gardens and conservation.” Oh, and don’t forget to #gardendifferent!