Have Complete Control of Your Garden!

Have Complete Control of Your Garden!

Have Complete Control of Your Garden! 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Have complete control of your garden! We love to emphasize this in a growing, busy world that is trying to be active and eat healthy.  The Eco garden system is the perfect way to grow organic, healthy vegetables without the time consuming art of gardening.  Don’t get us wrong, we love to garden! But, with time being a precious commodity in a fast pace world the Eco System is the answer to growing your own vegetables on a limited time schedule. So easy to assemble, fill and plant.

What makes the Eco system stand out among the many other raised and elevated gardens out there?  Here are five reasons why you may want to invest in an Eco garden system.

  • Materials

You want to garden and you want to do it with ease. Deciding on what type of garden you want and where to put it for ultimate sun can be a challenge. Most of your raised and elevated beds are made of wood. However, they can also be constructed from rock, cinderblock, concrete and metal.  These options can get expensive and they may not last as long as the amount of money and time you have invested.  Mother Nature is not always a friend to these materials and over time they can deteriorate, rust and crack.  The Eco system is constructed out of food grade plastic and can be the last garden you will ever need.  It resists fading and cracking and also maintains the moisture and temperature of the soil.  If you don’t like where it is you can move it. It can also be brought indoors in a controlled environment for year round gardening.  The Eco garden system comes with easy to assemble parts and can be constructed in as little as 30 minutes

  • Sustainable

This is a magic word in our society today. How can we help in conserving our natural resources? Water is so precious and needed for so many reasons. Growing fresh produce takes a lot of water especially in raised and ground gardens. Evaporation can be a huge contributor to this. The more we water the more it evaporates. The Eco garden system is built with a reservoir in the bottom that once filled with water can maintain your garden without the need to water every day.  It is designed to wick the water to the surface using peat moss, natural fabrics (such as burlap) or coconut coir. The Eco system can reduce your water usage by 65% not only saving our precious resource but saving you money as well.

  • Quantity and Quality

Grow just about anything in the Eco garden system. Like any garden, failure can lead to success just try, try, try again.  The ease of planting and replanting in the Eco system amounts to just pulling and replanting. Amending the soil can be done by removing some of the soil and replacing with new. One of the best ways to rejuvenate the soil is to just add compost. How is this different from other beds? The Eco garden system has a patented air gap that increases oxygen availability to the roots of your plants. This can shortened the growing cycle and help produce more vegetables. Adding natural fertilizers and compost to the soil can aid in lasting growth as well.  With the built in reservoir below for watering you are less likely to wash away the nutrients in your soil.  Whether it is success or failure, continual growth means more produce and less effort.

  • Large Planting Area

The Eco garden system offers two gardens that can fit your individual needs. The original garden offers a 6×4 ft. gardening area and the backyard garden offers a 5×3 ft. gardening area.  The benefits of the Eco system are that you can connect two or three systems by a hose to add more gardening space with one fill. As compared to other similar self-watering gardens, the Eco garden offers a lot more growing room.  Available tower gardens and raised garden beds on the market are not suitable for root vegetables or some large vegetation.  The Eco system has a 12 inch growth depth which makes root vegetables easy to achieve.

  •  Elevated

Simply said, this is an elevated garden. It is waist high, self-contained and self-sustained. This alone sets it apart from other garden designs.  It has all the benefits of no bending, no weeding and less watering.  Attach it to a hose, fill it up and leave attached or unhook and put away till the next fill which can be 2 to 3 weeks at most.  No need to drag a hose daily. Your planting area is easy to reach from all sides of the garden. It is a wonderful way to garden for the older generation as well as the younger generation.

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The Eco garden system has something to offer for anyone wanting to garden with little space or no time.  It can be used as a great tool in educating children on the agricultural aspect of gardening. Teaching soil and conservation to all children is vital to the future of food production.  It is also a great way to continue gardening when health or location changes.  It is long lasting, sustainable, elevated, easy to use and productive.

Try one and take complete control of your garden!

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