Fall Gardening in the Eco Garden System

Fall Gardening in the Eco Garden System

Fall Gardening in the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

It is that time of year where people find themselves saying “I am so happy I live where there are Octobers.” How true especially here in the Midwest where October brings so much fun and color. With the cooler nights and the shorter days, the turning colors of the foliage are not the only things changing. Your summer garden is starting to beg for a new beginning or to be put away for a long winter.

The Eco Garden System’s gardening beds offer you the opportunity to plant a fall garden and with much ease. Even with the threat of frost around the corner, vegetables will thrive and grow well in the raised garden beds during fall. The end of August or the middle of September is a good time to start your fall vegetables. By that time there is something in the garden that needs to be harvested or just pulled because it is done producing. You can then add compost and replant your seeds; it is that easy in this system. Fall vegetables that do well in the cooler temps are spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots, radishes and lettuce varieties. Onions and green beans do very well from seed as well in this system. It is like summer gardening all over.  

How is it so different than other raised beds or ground gardens? Well, the Eco Garden System is a self-watering, elevated garden that is made out of food-grade recyclable plastic. It is durable and can retain heat that is beneficial for a fall garden. It is also easy to add nutrients to the soil whether in the form of compost or a dry fertilizer. The water in the reservoir below will wick to the surface of the soil maintaining consistent moisture for your plant roots.  Attaching a simple row cover during frosty nights will extend your fall garden well into the season.

With in-ground gardens, the ground starts to become hard from cold weather, weeds need to be pulled, and night critters are now searching for more to scavenge due to the colder nights. In typical raised beds the soil can dry out so easily and depending how far off the ground the garden lies, it can get pests and weeds as well. A fall garden in the ground or in a typical raised bed requires a little more maintenance due to the worry of frost.

There is always the question, do I cover or not?  Then at about midnight in your pajamas with no light you are covering your garden only to find out the frost warning was canceled. The Eco Garden System is a raised gardening system that can be covered with a row cloth system that can stay in place during the day as well.

Gardening is not just summer fun it is fall fun too! Check out our garden products at www.ecogardensystems.com/store