Growing Herbs in the Eco Garden System

Growing Herbs in the Eco Garden System

Growing Herbs in the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Herbs are the wonderful accent to every meal whether it is for extra flavor or to just add a little culinary art to the dish. Most of us feel like gourmet cooks when we use one or two of the many varieties of herbs available. Using fresh herbs is the bonus that every chef would like to have at their fingertips. Planting and growing herbs is very simple especially if you plant them in an elevated bed or a container that is easy to reach for an easy harvest. There is a variety that you can choose from to plant depending on your cooking style. Here are five herbs to consider the next time you plant your garden:

I begin with parsley because it is very easy to grow and will continue to grow with each harvest. Parsley adds a lot of color to salads, soups, and mixed vegetable dishes. It is widely known for its use as a garnish. Parsley grows best in moist, well-drained soil which makes the Eco Garden System and ideal garden to grow in. It is used in Mediterranean dishes and is packed with nutrients rich in vitamin A, K and E.

Two common varieties of oregano are Greek or Italian. The flavor of oregano is best before the plant blooms. Harvesting and allowing to dry is better for this herb because it does not hold up well to prolong cooking. If using fresh oregano it is best to add towards the end of cooking. Oregano tends to grow in a drier environment with a neutral pH. However in the Eco Garden System it thrives well due to the well-drained soil and the fact that it is easier to contain and control. It should be snipped regularly to keep it bushy and tender. It is actually a perennial and can be overwintered indoors.

Cilantro is also known as Chinese parsley and all parts of the plant are edible; however, the leaves and seeds are the most cultivated parts. Cilantro is like basil in the garden and has a strong aroma when cut. It is similar to parsley and can be used in the same dishes as well as a garnish. It is another superfood that has anticancer effects as well as promoting healthy skin and hair and overall health. Cilantro loves cool weather and is best grown in fall or early spring. However, in the Eco Garden System it will thrive in the summer heat due to the moist, well-drained soil.

This is a favorite among gardeners and chefs. This herb has a wonderful aroma that smells like pizza and Italian cooking without it even leaving the garden. Once harvested it really has a strong aroma of magnificent cooking! Basil is low key and does well in well-drained soil and a neutral ph. Basil loves sun and should get 6 to 8 hours of it. When harvesting basil you should start at the top for continuance growth. Basil is used in pesto and caprese salad along with other garden favorites such as tomatoes and garlic. This is a must grow herb for anyone wanting aroma, taste and health benefits. If it flowers before you harvest it just snip the flowers off and let it continue to grow.

Onion chives
Onion chives like oregano are a perennial. Onion chives not only are great to grow for culinary reasons but they are great companion plants. Interplanting among strawberries will keep the pests away. It is important to cut them regularly to ensure they don’t get to tall and fall over. They like oregano are best if added after cooking to maintain flavor and substance. They are great in salads and eggs or as a garnish. They have a strong aroma and add onion flavor to any dish. They are slow to grow from seed but once established they are easy to maintain. They like a rich well-drained soil which makes them perfect in the Eco Garden System.

These five herbs have all been grown in an Eco Garden System and have had an abundance of harvest for many uses. They are great in many dishes and also add pest control to certain garden plants. (Pests just don’t know what’s good!) Don’t be scared to plant herbs among your other garden vegetables. Mint, which I did not mention in the five to try, ended up making the kale taste minty. Which that might be a good thing since not everyone likes kale. Each of the herbs mentioned thrive in well-drained soil and soil that is moist and rich in nutrients. Try planting some herbs and better yet try planting in the Eco Garden System!

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