Winterizing the Eco Garden System

Winterizing the Eco Garden System

Winterizing the Eco Garden System 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Another garden season has ended here in the Midwest and it is time to put the Eco garden System away for the winter. When life gets busy it is hard to keep up with the seasonal everyday tasks that come with gardening especially in the spring and in the fall. The Eco garden System was designed to eliminate most of those tasks and still produce healthy garden vegetables. Winterizing these gardens is as simple as gardening in these units. Because the gardens are made out of recyclable durable plastic, they can with stand many climate changes and extremes. In the northern states this time of the year those extremes are freezing temperatures. The Eco system has a water reservoir that should be drained to avoid expansion of the garden itself. Putting a cover on the garden will also avoid the possibility of rain or melted snow refilling the reservoir. There is a cover that is made especially for these gardens and can be purchased on our website.

There are five simple steps to winterizing the garden for the winter months using the Eco garden cover:

Step one: Open the spigot located on the side of the garden. This should be turned until it stops to ensure it is completely open. Leave this open throughout the winter months to allow drainage if needed. (Now you may have some debris that will need to be removed to clear the opening for the water to drain out. A simple tweezer or even a stick will remove what is clogging the spigot.)

Step two: Let water drain out. This might take fifteen minutes to one hour depending on how much water is in the tank. If some water is left in the reservoir that is not a problem. What little water left on the floor of the tank will freeze and will not cause the unit to expand. The irrigation system on top can stay intact with the Eco cover going on over it.

Step three: Place the two bars across the top of the garden. Due to the location of the Velcro straps on the cover the bars are located in the middle of the garden. This just makes sure that if heavy snow falls it will not weigh down the top of the cover pulling the edges and exposing the soil. Again the cover is preventing water from re-entering the reservoir

Step four: Put cover on and match up Velcro squares with the bar ends.

Step five: Secure Velcro around bar ends. Finish by pulling elastic cover over all edges.

In the spring you simply remove the top and store bars and cover for the summer months. If you do not have the cover suggested above, a tarp or piece of ply board that is secured to the garden will work. You do not need to remove the soil in the garden. It can remain and in the spring compost and nutrients can be added to revitalize it. You can also add a form of mulch (ex. fallen leaves from the trees) to the garden before you cover it. This will add nutrients to the garden until you uncover it for spring planting.

The Eco garden system is also designed to go indoors if you want year round gardening. By all means if you have a green house or warm place to put the garden for the winter that is an option as well. Winterizing is not needed if they are being used in warm climates or temperature regulated buildings.

This system offers many options for gardening in all kinds of climates. Due to the durability and design of the garden, it will last a long time giving you years of productive gardening. Maintenance is minimal when you consider the fact that it takes a matter of minutes to cover and uncover it.

If you are taking the break from gardening; sit back, relax and count the days till spring.  If you are not, happy winter gardening!

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