How an Elevated Garden Bed Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape

How an Elevated Garden Bed Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape

How an Elevated Garden Bed Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape 944 640 Eco Garden Systems

It’s that time of your where you’re probably thinking about your yard. How can you make it better? Should you start a garden? Could you add a deck or patio? How do you get rid of all those dead spots in the lawn? No matter what you choose to do with your backyard landscape, an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden elevated garden bed fits just about anywhere and makes your yard better.

If you don’t have a garden yet, you may feel intimidated. But with an Eco Garden, it’s so easy to get started. Want to be more self-sufficient? Start a vegetable garden. Or maybe you want to improve your yard with a bright pop of blooms. Create a haven for outdoor barbeques and chill sessions with a health-boosting garden (or several).

Here’s how an Eco Garden works to make gardening better and easier:

  • In-garden water reservoir: moisture is always present and allows for overplanting as plants no longer compete for moisture
  • Air Gap technology: allows plant roots to thrive in a moisture-rich and oxygen-rich layer that leads to faster growth and better production
    • 2x speed to maturity
    • Up to 50% more production per plant due to ever present oxygen
  • Patented perforated soil platform: allows root systems to grow into the Air Gap and reservoir
  • 24+ square feet of growing space: able to produce as much as 48+ square foot in-ground plot

Here are some possible backyard landscape scenarios where an Eco Garden makes perfect sense:

  • You want an outdoor kitchen, with your fresh grown veggies and herbs at your fingertips. You could build the Eco Garden right into the design plan so it sits next to your cooking area.
  • You have a sloped yard and want to build a retaining wall and stairs. An Eco Garden could be built in alongside the wall so you can instantly create a beautiful living wall, with a pathway right to the garden.
  • You have a small, urban lot and want to grow your own food. Our gardens can go just about anywhere that you have good sunlight.
  • You have a sprawling yard in the suburbs and have the space and love for lots of gardens, but it’s getting harder to bend down. Our elevated beds sit at a comfortable height for anyone to garden in. And if you want multiple gardens, you can connect several together and automate watering—check out this easy watering hack where you can control four gardens at once!

What considerations should you make before choosing a location for the garden?

  • Sun: Make sure your plants will get at least 8-10 hours of sunlight each day. Pick a day when you are at home and watch where the sun hits your yard the most; don’t forget to take notes and make it part of your garden plan. Plant tall plants to the north and shorter plants to the south so they don’t get shaded.
  • Water: Is your garden going to be near a water source? It’s easier if you have access to water as close as possible if you don’t want to lug it back and forth, or have hoses laying across your yard—not so pretty if you’re looking at backyard landscape upgrades! Water becomes less of an issue due to our in-garden reservoir.
  • Soil: Is the soil healthy where you plan to start a garden? You can get a simple soil test kit at the hardware store to find out. An even better option would be to build a raised garden bed, or get an elevated garden bed like an Eco Garden, to control the soil; it will only contain what you put into it. Plus, an Eco Garden can be moved if you decide you need to change things up for the next growing season.

If you have a vision for your yard that includes beautiful and bountiful gardens, consider the accessibility and sustainability of our garden system. You can even customize the outside of the garden (it has spin welds) if you want to decorate it or add something handy, like a tool holder.

Contact us if you’d like help figuring out how to incorporate an Eco Garden into your outdoor sanctuary.

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