4 Easy Steps to Growing Zucchini in a Garden Box

4 Easy Steps to Growing Zucchini in a Garden Box

4 Easy Steps to Growing Zucchini in a Garden Box 647 647 Eco Garden Systems

How to Grow Abundant Zucchini in an Elevated Garden Bed… With a Trellis!

Who doesn’t love the crazy versatile vegetable by the funny name of zucchini? You can literally form it into millions of things: a moist loaf of bread dripping with butter; fantastic fritters; swimming in savory soup; crunchy chips; a side dish paired with zesty mint; healthier noodles in the form of zoodles. And with the almost endless supply you will certainly harvest, you can even freeze it. If you want to start a vegetable garden, this is the veggie to start with. So, let’s look at 4 easy steps to grow zucchini in an elevated garden bed.

Elevated Garden Box with trellis

Step One: Get some seeds.

Zucchini grows best straight from seed—it’s a fragile plant that doesn’t transplant well (the same goes for other members of the cucurbit family, like yellow squash and cucumbers). Wait until after your last frost date to sow the seeds. Follow the instructions on your seed packet and be sure to plant 2-3 seeds in each divot you make in the soil to ensure germination. You can thin them out later, once the plants have formed their first set of true leaves.

bee pollinating zucchini flower

Step Two: Ensure pollination is going on.

You won’t get zucchini if you don’t have pollinators. You can attract more pollinators by growing companion flowers, like calendula, zinnias, and cosmos, in your vegetable garden. If you are having trouble attracting bees and butterflies, you can hand-pollinate: Grab a small paintbrush and gently remove pollen from the male flower and add it to the female flower. Check out these flower images to understand the difference between male and female flowers.

Extra Tip: Don’t toss the flowers! They are edible and considered a delicacy because it’s hard to buy them. Here are all the details and how to cook ‘em the traditional Italian way—stuffed with cheese and fried.

Zucchini growing on a trellis

Step Three: Train the vines.

Zucchini can easily take over your space if you are growing it in an elevated garden bed like an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden. The answer to this problem? Use a trellis!

You will get a ton of growth in our gardens because of the water reservoir. Zucchini love moisture as they are growing, and especially at harvest. The combination of the reservoir and the sprinklers will ensure even moisture and soil temperature, leading to explosive growth! To keep it under control, we prefer to use a trellis down the side of the garden to the ground (see photo below). This simple trick automatically increases the space of the garden and allows you to plant more veggies around the zucchini.

Growing Zucchini in an Elevated Garden Box

Step Four: Harvest!

Around 45 days after planting, pick zucchini when they’re still tender and smaller, about 5-6” in length. They become woody and fibrous if they get too large. Look under the lower leaves for the veggies, as they tend to hide. Use a hand pruner or scissors and cut zucchini off at the stem, or gently twist them off the stem.

Soon we will be filling our Eco Garden with the seeds of this multipurpose veggie and we can’t wait to watch them flourish. It’s a great plant for beginner gardeners to grow—you’ll reap the bountiful rewards quickly.

Tell us: How do you like to prepare zucchini?

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