rosemary herb sprig

Rosemary #2

Rosemary #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Rosemary signals remember in the language of flowers? In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Hamlet gives Ophelia a sprig of Rosemary “for remembrance”. In more modern times, people keep this spirit alive by tying a sprig of Rosemary to gifts.

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parsley herb bunch

Parsley #2

Parsley #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Parsley is a biennial plant? We treat it as an annual to get the freshness of the leaves. The Romans wore Parsley “wreaths” to keep from becoming intoxicated.

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oregano leaves

Oregano #2

Oregano #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that the name Oregano traces back to an ancient Greek word/phrase that means “Delight of the Mountains”?

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mint leaves

Mint #2

Mint #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Mint is also a perennial often grown as an annual? If you go the annual route, be forewarned that Mint has a tendency to proliferate and if you do not pay attention you could have an entire garden of one variety of Mint!

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marjoram herb leaves

Marjoram #2

Marjoram #2 1138 853 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Marjoram leaves and flowering heads can be steeped and made into a tea? The resulting tea is reputed to relieve both headaches and indigestion.

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garlic cloves and bulbs

Garlic #2

Garlic #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that an old wives tale tells that when the Devil walked out of the Garden of Eden after the fall of Adam and Eve that onions sprang up from his right hoofprint and garlic from his left?

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fennel seeds close-up

Fennel #2

Fennel #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Fennel has a prominent place in folklore? At various times in history is has been credited with improving eyesight, stopping hiccups, assisting with weight loss, and acting as an aphrodisiac.

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dill weed close-up

Dill #2

Dill #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that carrying a bag of dried Dill over your heart is supposed to ward off the evil eye? In earlier times, Dill water was used as a soothing drink for crying babies and also for eliminating intestinal gas!

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chive bunch

Chives #2

Chives #2 980 735 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that chives are part of the onion family (we would guess that you did – based just on the smell!)? The typical hollow stem is common but the flowers (fresh or dried) are often used in Japanese cooking.

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basil leaves

Basil #2

Basil #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that in some countries Basil is a symbol of love (Italy, Romania) or holiness (India)? In others (Greece), it is a symbol of death and hatred.

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