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Things Green: Building the Garden

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fennel seeds close-up

Fennel #3

Fennel #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that, while fennel is often viewed as a flavor enhancer (soups, sauces, sausage, etc.) the bulb itself can be used in many savory ways? From sliced and sautéed (like onions) to baked with cheese/seasonings and served hot (like an au gratin), this versatile herb can be a staple of your kitchen.

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dill weed close-up

Dill #3

Dill #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that poor, sandy soil is an advantage for growing Dill? This will help increase the flavor intensity – provided the soil drains sufficiently. Once planted, Dill can and will seed itself thus returning year after year.

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chive bunch

Chives #3

Chives #3 980 735 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Chives are a very hardy plant and can grow anywhere in the US? They prefer cooler weather but can survive warmer extreme temps.

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basil leaves

Basil #3

Basil #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Basil is an herb that can be grown in almost any state in the US? It loves stable temps but can tolerate heat better than cold.

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anise seed

Anise #3

Anise #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Anise was one of the first European herbs to become popular in America?

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thyme herb

Thyme #2

Thyme #2 1000 750 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that the Greeks and Romans thought that Thyme gave them courage and strength? In the Middle Ages, Thyme was embroidered into scarves and given to knights! The Father of Modern Botany, Carolus Linneaus, recommended Thyme as a hangover cure.

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tarragon herb

Tarragon #2

Tarragon #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that the word Tarragon comes from the Arabic word for dragon? The French translation – Estragon – means Little Dragon. It is thought the name comes from either the way the plant is used medicinally (it was used to fight off pestilence during the Middle Ages) or due to the snake-like root system.

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savory herb

Savory #2

Savory #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Savory does best in full sun? This is one herb that you should probably fertilize – but only when planting. Avoid mid-season fertilization and keep your soil on the dry side for both varieties.

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sage leaves

Sage #2

Sage #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Sage water is supposed to help improve memory and also help to keep hair from falling out?

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rosemary herb sprig

Rosemary #2

Rosemary #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Did you know that Rosemary signals remember in the language of flowers? In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Hamlet gives Ophelia a sprig of Rosemary “for remembrance”. In more modern times, people keep this spirit alive by tying a sprig of Rosemary to gifts.

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