Have Complete Control of Your Garden!

Have complete control of your garden! We love to emphasize this in a growing, busy world that is trying to be active and eat healthy.  The Eco garden system is the perfect way to grow organic, healthy vegetables without the … Continue Reading

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Fall Gardening in the Eco Garden System

It is that time of year where people find themselves saying “I am so happy I live where there are Octobers.” How true especially here in the Midwest where October brings so much fun and color. With the cooler nights … Continue Reading

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It is Large and Green

It is Large and Green “What is that?!!!  There is something large and green on the tomato plant!” My daughter was in shock when I arrived to see that it was what I suspected…  A Hornworm!  There was not just … Continue Reading

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Gardening at the Espelien’s

My father loved to garden. When I was a young boy he only grew ornamental plants in our small backyard in St. Paul, MN.  When we moved to the suburbs (better schools, closer to his job) he was able to … Continue Reading

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Eco Garden harvest has me saving green


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Copy of Grandma Laura's

Laura’s Garden

Don’s Italian grandmother was a heart of gold with a passion for cooking and gardening. Growing up in hard times it was easy to see why the older generation never took for granted the ability to grow food, which the … Continue Reading

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Mistress Zinnie, Quite Merry, How Does Your Eco Garden Grow?

From one of our blog partners – Frau Zinnie! http://frauzinnie.blogspot.com/2017/06/mistress-zinnie-quite-merry-how-does.html

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Succession Planting in an Eco Garden System

Follow one crop with another! Succession planting in the Eco Garden System is easy when you consider several different factors that will help you achieve a high yield on just about any vegetable you plant.  Succession planting is the ability … Continue Reading

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Planting Your Eco Garden Gardening Bed

I think with anyone who starts or maintains a garden in the ground, the question each year is, should I try a raised garden bed this year?  Do they work and do they really eliminate the headache of weeding and … Continue Reading

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Beneficial flowers

Beneficial Flowers for a Vegetable Garden

All flowers are beautiful! With the thousands of varieties that can be purchased it is hard to pick just a few; however, there are certain types of flowers that can be very beneficial to a vegetable garden.  There are many … Continue Reading

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