Water and Your Garden

Water and Your Garden

Water and Your Garden 560 315 Eco Garden Systems

Water is essential for plants to grow. Good quality water is even more important if you want healthy plants and vegetables to thrive. There are many questions asked about the different filtered waters that people have in their homes when it comes to watering a garden. There are four water types: hard water, soft water, reverse osmosis, and of course good old Mother Nature’s rain water. If there was one to choose as the best for gardens, rain water would win hands down. However, we all know that relying on nature’s rain comes with a lot of inconsistency either in the form of drought or flooding, neither that is good for gardens.

Hard water
Hard water can be good for your plants. If you are using water from a well without a salt softener than that is consider hard water. Hard water contains minerals in the form of calcium and magnesium which can benefit your garden as long as there is not too much of it. Most of your fertilizers will contain these minerals to help growth and healthy foliage. If you notice stunted growth in your plants than you might want to check your soil to see if it test high for any of these minerals. I use hard water in my Eco garden systems and have notice in different locations that a white calcium build up will show up on top of the soil. No worries plants are healthy and soil is at a neutral pH level. Hard water can increase your alkaline level which means acidic loving plants may struggle. If the soil is to acidic plants can’t access nutrients very well.

Hard water in an Eco Garden System

White build up on top of soil from hard water

Soft water
Soft water is questionable and is not recommended. The main concern with soft water is the sodium chloride that is added that makes hard water easy on pipes, sinks, and clothing. This can cause a buildup of salts in your soil if this is the only water you use. If you live in an area where there is adequate rain fall than most of the salt can be flushed out. There are ways to remedy this if soft water is what you have throughout your home. Having a specialist change your outdoor spigots to hard water will help your garden and outdoor plants in the long run.

Eco Garden System in the city

Eco Garden System in the city

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is actually second to nature’s rain water. It cleans the water of any impurities filtering out chlorine and bacteria. It allows you to control the nutrients and fertilizer you add to the soil without much change to the pH system. The only down side is these systems are expensive.

Rain water
Nature thrives! Planting a garden with consistent rain fall means a healthy garden. The only problem is rain is not always consistent. It either falls too much or not enough. When it doesn’t rain enough supplementing with tap water helps maintain the much needed moisture level in the garden. Many gardeners find ways to catch the rain in the form of rain barrels to use when it doesn’t fall. Rain water contains nitrate which is nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrate helps plants absord the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Reverse osmosis in an Eco Garden System

Reverse Osmosis peppers

Water is one of the main components to success in gardening! In the Eco Garden System filling the reservoir tank with hard water or reverse osmosis water will ensure healthy plants. Added rain water will filter through the soil and flush any excess water out leaving the much needed rain water to wick back through the soil. The built in reservoir in the Eco System can act the same way a rain barrel does by collecting much needed rain water. The way the system is built ensures that the garden will never drown or dry up. Water is precious and conserving this natural resource is vital to the future of the world, especially our food supply.


Over flow valve

Recycled water from reservoir

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