Madison Garden Expo 2017

Madison Garden Expo 2017

Madison Garden Expo 2017 2147 1610 Eco Garden Systems

Eco Garden Systems participated in the annual Garden Expo in Madison in February 2017. The show was a great opportunity to showcase our newest garden design, which will be available in May of 2017. We met a lot of wonderful people and exchanged some great gardening ideas for the future season. Plus, the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners came by to interview our founder Donald Riesterer on the benefits of owning one of these gardens.

Most of our visitors shared that one of the best benefits of our Eco Gardens is not having to bend or get on the ground to garden. Other garden features that were popular with show attendees included:

  • The self-watering aspect caught the interest of most attendees. Many liked the flexibility offered with this feature and appreciated knowing they don’t have to worry about soil drying out if it’s not attended to for a few days.
  • Small pest control was another attribute that was appreciated by many of the gardeners.

With spring almost upon us, we are excited to offer gardeners a new innovative garden that can solve many common garden problems. Thank you to everyone who stopped and visited with us.