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Eco Garden Systems recently did our first show at the San Diego Fall Home and Garden show at the Del Mar fairgrounds. We met so many fantastic people who showed a lot of interest in our very unique gardens. We enjoyed all the questions posed by attendees, as well as the constructive input on the size of our garden and potential quantity of produce production.

When first designing the garden, one of our main goals was to introduce a garden that would save on water usage and minimize the use of physical labor. The self-watering feature is what drew a lot of the people into the booth. We set up one of our gardens to display the sprinkler system on top to demonstrate how water is recirculated from the reservoir below; it gave most of our garden enthusiasts an opportunity to see how the automatic watering system works and why it is beneficial to garden vegetables and flowers.

Throughout the event, we had so many wonderful conversations with avid gardeners who gave great advice and tips to gardening in the California area, as well as in the southwest in general. We went home from this show feeling like our gardens would address so many of the issues gardeners face when starting a garden and when maintaining one. The sustainability, water usage and the low maintenance of the Eco Garden Systems not only contribute to its name, but also help the environment and those who are looking for productive and organic gardening. Thank you San Diego! We’re looking forward to demonstrating how our gardens can help others at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show next year.

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