An Eco Garden Gives You Time

An Eco Garden Gives You Time

An Eco Garden Gives You Time 626 417 Eco Garden Systems

They say that time is always equal opportunity – we are only allotted so much and we are encouraged to use it wisely as it is the only commodity that you can’t purchase more of, and you can’t give or receive a gift of time. Now, that being said…

The Gift of Time From Your Garden

At Eco Garden Systems, our number one goal has always been top allow gardeners to continue gardening even if age and physical limitations begin to nibble away at your gardening desire and capability. Our raised garden bed allows pretty much everyone to easily and efficiently garden to their hearts content.

gift of time quoteOur number two goal is to make so that “Gardening Time” is not quite as much of a task master. Time in the garden is and should be enjoyable – but it sometimes can become a routine that has to be done – especially if you have issues with the “too’s”:

  • Too Hot
  • Too Cold
  • Too Wet
  • Too Dry
  • Too much maintenance
  • Too poor of soil
  • Too much shade
  • Too…

The “Too’s” are all time thieves – they conspire against every gardener to keep them from enjoying and nurturing their plants and focus too much on simple survival. What if there was a solution to this issue? A way to recapture some of that time and even give you the time to take a vacation in the middle of gardening season (check out our automated irrigation hack here) so that the time you have already invested does not go to waste.

What if you could double the return on your time investment? Not just “get what you have always gotten” but get more – for exactly the same amount of time investment. Would that be a solution worth pursuing? Well, our Big Three Tehcnologies (Soil Platform, Water Reservoir and Air Gap) work together to do just that. From a 2x speed to maturity to a 50% increase in yield per plant to an incremental 35% increase in plants per square foot to a reduction/elimination in competition for resources means that you can achieve the same production in our 4’ x 6’ Original Garden as you can in a 4’ x 12’ in-ground plot. Does the potential for double normal return get you a bit more excited for the 2020 gardening season? It does us – and we are gardeners by choice, trade and vocation!! Take a look at our Consumer E-Magazine for more information.

Put simply, an Eco Garden gives the gift of time. So, how can you take advantage of this? Check out our new 2020 pricing (our E-Commerce platform is back in stock and ready for business) here.

Are you interested in even more time saving tips? Check out our social media sites to engage more with our team members – who are all interested in getting more from the garden with no additional time invested!

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The original Eco Garden will transform the way you garden. Quick and simple to setup, sustainable, and efficient — this garden is for any level of gardener.

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Started in 2016, Eco Garden Systems has a long history of gardening, gardening innovation and gardening for seniors.

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