Raised Garden Bed Questions You Should Be Asking

Raised Garden Bed Questions You Should Be Asking

Raised Garden Bed Questions You Should Be Asking 626 417 Eco Garden Systems

As we begin to start seeds (or at the very least, thinking about starting them – have you ordered your seeds yet???), many experienced gardeners are joining the ranks of the first timers (and the ranks of the finally getting back into gardening crowd) looking to raised garden beds as their garden approach of choice. At Eco Garden Systems, we are all about raised beds – we believe they are fundamental to enjoying the #1 hobby in the US your entire life. So, if you are looking at raised garden beds, what questions should you be asking yourself? We have a few raised garden bed question that have come up from our work with both home gardeners and gardeners that are thinking more commercially (schools, senior centers, community gardens, restaurants, military bases, etc.).

The Raised Garden Bed Questions You Should Be Asking

Raised Garden Bed Question #1: How big of a garden are you looking for? At 4’ x 6’ our Original Garden is among the largest free-standing raised garden beds available. Many wooden raised beds are 3’ x 5’ or smaller. Larger beds tend to be fully enclosed all the way to the ground and do not reach the height of our garden (39” – roughly the height of a kitchen counter). If you are trying to be a serious gardener, larger is usually better. Most folks we meet are always seeking either more space or to maximize the space they have – more on that in Question #3!

Raised Garden Bed Question #2: How long do you want your garden to last? Many of the wooden raised garden beds we see last ~3 years (some more, some less) and they either need to be repaired or replaced. An Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden will last 20+ years – it is made of color fast plastic designed to survive extreme temperature changes while not being impacted by humidity. Essentially, you could purchase on Original Garden and would have to purchase approximately seven traditional wooden raised garden beds for the same longevity. Some of the galvanized raised beds are good – but we find them a bit low for most folks to use comfortable.

Raised Garden Bed Question #3: Do you want to maximize your growing space? Let’s face it, if you live in a city (#UrbanGardener) you are always seeking ways to maximize space. For many of us, we do not have the luxury of plenty of flat, unused ground with outstanding soil with perfect sunlight. With an Eco Garden, you get to choose where the garden fits best, you get to select the soil and you get the benefit of the Big Three – Perforated Soil Platform, Water Reservoir and Air Gap that allows for twice the speed to plant maturity, the ability to over-plant (as plants are not competing for water), and up to 50% more production per plant. This allows you to grow as much as you would in a 4’ x 12’ in-ground plot (or traditional raised garden bed) as you would in our 4’ x 6’ Original Garden. For more on how to maximize your space, we recommend following Kevin Espiritu at Epic Gardening.

big three features of eco garden

Raised Garden Bed Question #4: Do I have the time to be an effective gardener? In some climates, this can become a real issue – while many gardeners find that this every day attention is why they garden, our busy lifestyles of today cause us to search for ways to reduce time spent on our many activities. With an Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden, you can take all of the guesswork out of gardening – and even go on vacation without endangering your plants. A long weekend away will let your plants find their way to the water reservoir and our #GardenHack for automated watering (link here) lets you go on a worry free vacation where your neighbors don’t have to be relied on to save your precious plants.

Raised Garden Bed Question #5: Can gardening be easier? The single biggest reason that folks do not get into gardening is that they are concerned they will not be a success. We get that! We started out as beginners – especially all of our time with Mother – and have gotten a lot of other folks to get into the gardening game since our Original Garden is so easy to use (and you can get up to two times the product!). From ~45 minutes to put together (some of our competitors’ products take about three times as long as ours to build) to rescuing plants that struggled in other locations (one of our gardeners in Kansas City did this with tomatoes – he was able to get a near-dead plant to thrive and produce upon transplant into our garden) to solving for your perceived lack of a green thumb, we make gardening an easier hobby for everyone.

Raised Garden Bed Question #6: Why does your garden cost so much? As we saw in Question #2, the length of time our gardens last makes them an exceptional value compared to our competitors. For us, that was not enough. We spent the past year working on re-engineering our garden to be more affordable. Check out this link to see our current price – we think you will be amazed!

So, what other questions are you seeking answers to? Reach out to us at customercare@ecogardensystems.com and we can help you answer your burning gardening questions.

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