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Why I Garden in Flip Flops

I chuckle when I think of what made me write this post. But I think we all have a memory that resonates in our mind growing up that brings us to the moment of the here and now. I was taking a picture of my harvest as I was tending to my Eco gardens the other day and I realized as I proofed the picture that I got my feet in the photo. Now if you are part of the gardening world these kinds of photos make Instagram popularity. They usually are really cute muck boots or garden crocs that add to the quaintness of the garden photo. And I love them all! However, my particular choice of garden shoes would probably not be approved or allowed in most garden settings.

When I was a kid sandals and flip flops were what all the kids wore and it hasn’t changed much since. My kids lived in flip flops during the summer due to the ease of kicking them off when indoors and slipping them on for a quick exit as I yelled “Get out the door were late for swim lessons!” They are not my favorite shoes to wear, and I am sure Podiatrists and Chiropractors would agree! But they are easy to get off and on in a hurry. Growing up on a ranch in Montana my older generation father was pretty stern on wearing good shoes. If you were around animals or walking where there was mud or other questionable stuff you would need to have good shoes on. Tennis shoes were acceptable but flip flops or sandals were out of the question! “Get some decent shoes on!” he would say. When working in the garden it was no different. Soil is full of pathogens and an open cut could cause infection. Not to mention tracking in all that dirt on your feet even when your shoes are off. I still believe in wearing a good shoe but the temptation to slip on a sandal in 90 plus temps brings me digging for the flip flops.

Before the Eco Garden system made a debut at my house we broke ground on the future family garden! So exciting until it was just mom, in good shoes, working to keep it weed free. Oh don’t get me wrong the kids helped but it became a struggle with activities and friendships that needed nurturing to stay current in this fast paced world. Peak garden season saw the garden succumb to pumpkins and potatoes that could be found hidden and still alive among all the weeds that had taken the garden hostage. Next year will be different I would repeat in my mind, but next year just got busier and to make things worse flip flops just got cuter. The “turnaround right now and go get your tennis shoes on” became redundant. I now know what my dad went through. The Eco garden system became the knight in shining armor that solved the weeding and shoe problem.

Gardening in an Eco Garden system didn’t change the family gardening dynamics it just accentuated them. Easy to plant, no weeding, no mud, no dust, easy harvest, and No need for closed toe shoes here! My kids were overjoyed and brought friends around to enjoy in the harvest whether it was carrots or peas or even tomatoes (hmm… was it the big patch of weeds that kept them away?) When you find what works it is even better and in the end it creates the memories that my young adult children hope to recreate for their future families. It brought me back to a wonderful memory of my father and of the summer garden that on rainy days was muddy and on dry days dusty. So you gardeners with the cute muck boots or crocs would appreciate, but for me now, a really cute flip flop works for what I garden in. The Eco garden has brought me years of beautiful vegetables for my family but with different gardening habits. In this life it is about memories and family times. If my father saw me today tending to my gardens he would shake his head and smile and probably say “Get some decent shoes on!”

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