Bee Pollinators

Why Pollination is Vital for Your Vegetable Garden

Why Pollination is Vital for Your Vegetable Garden 775 587 Eco Garden Systems

Pollination is beneficial to both the pollinators and the plants—it helps plants reproduce and keeps pollinators fed with pollen and nectar.

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elevated garden bed - backyard landscape

How an Elevated Garden Bed Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape

How an Elevated Garden Bed Will Enhance Your Backyard Landscape 944 640 Eco Garden Systems

It’s that time of your where you’re probably thinking about your yard. How can you make it better? Should you start a garden? Could you add a deck or patio? How do you get rid of all those dead spots in the lawn? No matter what you choose to do with your backyard landscape, an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden elevated garden bed fits just about anywhere and makes your yard better. If you don’t have a garden yet, you may feel intimidated. But with an Eco Garden, it’s so easy to get started. Want to be more self-sufficient? Start a vegetable garden. Or maybe you want to improve your yard with a bright pop of blooms. Create a haven for outdoor barbeques and chill sessions with a health-boosting garden (or several). Here’s how an Eco Garden works to make gardening better and easier: In-garden water reservoir: moisture is always present and allows for overplanting as plants no longer compete for moisture Air Gap technology: allows plant roots to thrive in a moisture-rich and oxygen-rich layer that leads to faster growth and better production 2x speed to maturity Up to 50% more production per plant due to ever present oxygen Patented perforated soil platform: allows root systems to grow into the Air Gap and reservoir 24+ square feet of growing space: able to produce as much as 48+ square foot in-ground plot Here are some possible backyard landscape scenarios where an Eco Garden makes perfect sense: You want an outdoor kitchen, with your fresh grown veggies and herbs at your fingertips. You could build the Eco Garden right into the design plan so it sits next to your cooking area. You have a sloped yard and want to build a retaining wall and stairs. An Eco Garden could be built in alongside…

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Vegetables in Basket on raised garden bed

15 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in an Elevated Garden Bed

15 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in an Elevated Garden Bed 800 600 Eco Garden Systems

Are you craving fresh grilled vegetables and crisp garden salads? Vegetable gardening season is upon us which means it’s almost time to enjoy all the good eating summer will bring. You don’t have to be a pro gardener to grow your own veggies. It’s easy to grow vegetables in an elevated garden bed like an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden. Here are the top 15 vegetables to grow in it: Tomatoes Peppers Lettuce Peas Beans Radish Arugula Broccoli Carrots Zucchini Beets Cucumber Cauliflower Kale Potatoes The Eco Garden is revolutionary in its approach to growing vegetables with a water reservoir and an Air Gap, which increases the oxygen in the roots of plants. Multiple studies have been done to measure the impact of increasing oxygen absorption in the roots of bearing plants and the impact that has on total fruit production. In the studies, tomatoes and peppers both had an increase in production, some by almost 60%! And the vitamin A and lycopene in the tomatoes increased. Brand new study results from Concordia University in St. Paul confirm these findings and more. You can’t go wrong growing peppers and tomatoes. Lettuce, arugula, and other greens grow quickly in an Eco Garden. Our beginner gardener, Jessica, started a variety of salad greens indoors this year and is happy to find she already has large heads of lettuce in just a few weeks. Radishes also grow quickly in an elevated garden bed. The Eco Garden is excellent at regulating both temperature and moisture, making it an ideal garden to succession plant. This way, you’ll get crops like lettuce and carrots all season long. This ideal environment also allows root crops to thrive, even though they usually don’t grow well in raised garden beds. Check out the fabulous growth garden blogger Frau Zinnie…

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An elevated garden bed by Eco Garden Systems

Planting Vegetables in an Raised Garden Bed

Planting Vegetables in an Raised Garden Bed 887 666 Eco Garden Systems

Jessica shares her planting experience in her Eco Garden Systems elevated garden bed with both the seedlings she nurtured and seeds.

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maximize your raised garden bed

4 Tips to Maximize Your Raised Garden Bed

4 Tips to Maximize Your Raised Garden Bed 810 535 Eco Garden Systems

Learn how to maximize your elevated garden bed and get the most out of this high-performance garden with these 4 growing tips.

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seed packets from Baker Creek - tips for buying seeds online

Buying Seeds Online For Your Raised Bed Garden

Buying Seeds Online For Your Raised Bed Garden 835 627 Eco Garden Systems

Buying seeds online for your raised bed garden is exciting as long as you know what to expect. Here are the pros and cons of both hybrid and heirloom seeds.

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Growing Zucchini in an Elevated Garden Box

4 Easy Steps to Growing Zucchini in a Garden Box

4 Easy Steps to Growing Zucchini in a Garden Box 647 647 Eco Garden Systems

If you want to start a vegetable garden, zucchini is easy to start. Let’s look at 4 easy steps to start growing zucchini in an elevated garden bed.

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senior woman gardening

5 Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

5 Benefits of Gardening for Seniors 974 729 Eco Garden Systems

How an Elevated Garden Bed Keeps Seniors Vegetable Gardening One of the main reasons we started our company was to make sure Grandma could keep vegetable gardening. We built her an elevated garden bed because she could no longer stoop, crawl, or kneel to tend to her vegetables. Our mission, in part, is to make sure more people can keep gardening into their golden years. Did you know that gardening is the #1 hobby in the United States? People over the age of 65 are the fastest growing population in the United States and most of them have had gardening as part of their lives. Here are some of the benefits seniors experience from gardening: Purpose: Gardening gives seniors a sense of purpose and duty, which pays off with delicious fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. Better Health: Moving around the garden is a great way to get exercise. And eating fresh vegetables is part of a healthy diet. Community: Adding a garden, like an Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden, to senior centers can help boost that sense of purpose and provide more opportunities for socializing. Mental Stimulation: Gardening helps slow down or even stave off dementia and can improve overall mental health. Better Quality of Life: Being in nature helps increase everyone’s well-being. A 2016 review of over 76 gardening and wellness studies showed that the health benefits from just one gardening session persisted for three months (imagine if you garden every day!!). Our Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden will keep seniors growing vegetables, even as age begins to limit mobility. The elevated garden bed sits at a comfortable height so you can garden without bending or stooping. Plus, the garden is compact enough that it can fit in small, urban areas—like a senior center or assisted living facility. If…

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gardening checklist

Eco Friendly Gardening Checklist

Eco Friendly Gardening Checklist 1200 702 Eco Garden Systems

Creating your own garden is a great way to help the environment in a natural way. This gardening checklist of tips and tricks can help make your garden even more environment friendly in multiple ways.

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early planted vegetable garden

How to Plant Your Vegetable Garden Earlier

How to Plant Your Vegetable Garden Earlier 974 547 Eco Garden Systems

Even in the midwest where the winter seems to drag on, you can plant your vegetable garden earlier than your neighbors with an Eco Garden Original Garden.

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