Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show 757 545 Eco Garden Systems

Eco Garden Systems has a great time at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show this past March.  We met so many great people and generated a lot of interest from folks in the Upper Midwest.  The show also help us sell quite a few gardens and added over 125 people to our list of new friends.  Interest seemed to focus on four main areas:

  • Our elevated gardens provide the convenience of not having to bend or stoop to plant/weed/harvest
  • The convenience of having a water reservoir that not only supports plants with a moisture/oxygen rich “Air Gap” but the fact that this reservoir allows our Pumping Station to keep plants and soil properly hydrated
  • The new animated video was a huge hit – quickly and simply explaining how the gardens work
  • New colors also sparked some interest – we will have two new colors for the Backyard Garden!

As our new Backyard Garden comes online (we expect to begin shipping in mid-May of 2017) we can now satisfy gardeners with both plenty of space and time to garden as well as those who want a bit more of a “set it and forget it” solution.

Thanks to the entire Eco Garden Systems team for a great show – and thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more.  We are quickly approaching planting as April turns to May – are you ready to get gardening??

Don’t forget to use your show discount!