How to Keep Plants Watered While on Vacation

How to Keep Plants Watered While on Vacation

How to Keep Plants Watered While on Vacation 468 312 Eco Garden Systems

The Secret to Keeping Your Vegetable Garden Alive While Away on Vacation

Summer is the prime time for family vacations. When you’re planning a getaway, don’t forget about the vegetable garden. If you’re going to be away for more than a few days, it’s important to keep the veggies watered. After all that nurturing, it would be a bummer to come home to withered plants. Here are some possible options for how to keep outdoor plants watered while on vacation:

  • Ask a friend, family member, or fellow gardener to stop by a couple times a week to water. Tip – if chosen person is not a gardener, make time for a demonstration and leave detailed notes.
  • If you garden in containers, move them together into a shady spot and water well. This will keep them from drying out too quickly and creates a more humid environment.
  • Install a soaker hose, a drip system, or a sprinkler with a timer. Here’s a solid article on the benefits of a soaker hose and how to install it. Some people even use upside down plastic bottles with small holes drilled in the cap to slowly water plants, although you’ll need quite a few for a whole vegetable garden.
  • Add mulch to your plants to retain moisture.
  • Hope for rain!

But here’s the real secret of how to keep outdoor plants watered while on vacation—use an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden to grow your vegetables. The elevated garden bed keeps plants happy while you’re on vacation with these benefits:

  • In-garden water reservoir: moisture is always present and allows for overplanting as plants no longer compete for moisture
  • Air Gap technology: allows plant roots to thrive in a moisture-rich and oxygen-rich layer that leads to faster growth and better production
    • 2x speed to maturity
    • Up to 50% more production per plant due to ever present oxygen
  • Patented perforated soil platform allows root systems to grow into the Air Gap and reservoir
  • Integrated watering system with hoses and 10 sprinkler heads to maximize water coverage
    • Just attach to a watering system and you are ready to go!
    • Overflow control to funnel off excess rainwater and protect your plants from drowning

You can attach a timer to a hose to automate the sprinklers when you’re not around to water. With the water reservoir, though, there should be little need to water unless it’s the middle of summer and the temperatures are high. Here’s to a worry-free vacation and a bounty of vegetables upon your return.

Tell us: What is your answer for how to keep outdoor plants watered while on vacation while you nab some R&R?

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