Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners in Your Life 1200 813 Eco Garden Systems

Now that gardening is effectively completed here in Minnesota, our sights are set on the 2020 growing season. With the Christmas coming faster (did you know that the number of shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the fewest possible this year? Did you know that in 2018 it was the most number of days? The more you know…), we thought we would share a few gift ideas that we think every gardener should have. Gifts for gardeners is one of our favorite topics to research, as it seems every year there is a new gadget or tool that your gardener gift will love. Without further ado…

Gifts for Gardeners, Christmas 2019 Edtion

eco garden with flag#1 – Eco Garden Systems’ Original Garden (shameless plug)

Why not get the gift that will keep on giving – for 20+ years? You can learn all about our garden on our web site and if you are interested in purchasing one this holiday season, contact Trig’s ( and they can hook you up.

#2 – Yimby Tumbler Composter

This nifty gadget is convenient, easy to use and something every gardener with more limited space should have. Since aeration is the key to creating great compost, the tumbler action and the many air holes make this a pretty cool addition to your gardening tool kit. Check it out here: Yimby Tumbler

#3 – Vremi Garden Tools Set

An assortment of tools, gloves, a handy carrying tote (that can also hold plants, bounty, nutrients, etc.) and you now have a complete set of the stuff necessary to take on your next gardening challenge. We especially like the hand held fork for aeration – the ones you find individually online cost more than this entire kit! Available here: Vremi Tool Set

#4 – Rainbow Carrot Seed Mix 

A great stocking stuffer, our team at Eco Garden Systems loves multi-colored carrots. Each variety has a slightly different flavor and texture – all superior to the traditional carrot (we like traditional carrots – but we love the rainbow varieties!!). Perfect for purchasing multiple packets and giving out to everyone in your life who might want to try and grow something new. Available here: Rainbow Carrot Seed Pack

#5 – Low-Cut Wellies

Everybody needs a gardening shoe (unless, of course, you have an Eco Garden – and it is on hardscape!!!) for getting into the soil even when it is wet. We found these and thought they were perfect! We are big fans of all styles of Wellies (short for Wellingtons, waterproof boots that sprung from the style worn by Arthur Wellesley, the First Duke of Wellington – the more you know) as they are easy to clean and are usually considered stylish. This pair, from Sperry, are even more so. Available here: Sperry Waterproof Boot (Womens)

#6 – Paper Pot Maker 

This gift is ultra-cool and can save you money and bother when starting plants from seeds. Using common newspaper, this gadget will help you create biodegradable seed-starting cups. Talk about sustainable!!! Available here: Paper Pot Maker

gifts for gardeners

#7 – Bee Necklace

As huge supporters of our bee population (you can check out our YouTube Channel for videos on bees and other topics: Eco Garden Systems), we see this as a great gift for anyone. But if you’re hunting gifts for gardeners that share our passion for bees, this gift is sure to impress! Available here: Tiny Bee Necklace

#8 – Scroll Trellis Climber 

We met with these folks this past year and think their product is amazing. For our flower enthusiasts, they have multiple lighted trellis’ that can make your flowers bloom even at night. For vegetable gardeners, we think their climbing trellis for those climbing plants (beans, cukes, zucchini, etc.) this will be perfect! Available here: Scroll Trellis Climber

#9 – Pollinating Kits 

If you followed our progress this year with our deck garden, you saw that getting pollinators to the third-floor deck of our urban garden (#UrbanGardener) was a bit of a challenge. If getting pollinators to grace the garden of anyone you know, either of these two may be the perfect gift! Available here: Flutterby Feeder, Bee Hotel

#10 – Mobile Tool Storage Caddy 

We have seen all sorts of scooters, caddy’s, etc. (wheeled contraptions for moving around your garden) and this is the only one we thought was worth mentioning. If you’re looking for space saving gifts for gardeners, this one takes up little space. So there will be plenty of room for all the garden tools – small and large. This garden caddy is also small enough to maneuver through almost any garden. Available here: Mobile Tool Storage

– – –

There you have it! A compelling list with gifts for gardeners of all types at multiple price points. If you need gifts for gardeners in your life – especially ones who have everything, this list may have the perfect item. If not, we hope it serves as a thought starter for something else. Reach out to us at if you have a cool gift idea or if you want more information on how to get your very own Original Garden. Happy Holidays!

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