Essential Garden Supplies for Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Essential Garden Supplies for Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Essential Garden Supplies for Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden 626 417 Eco Garden Systems

Essential Garden Supplies For Your Raised Bed Garden

Are you ready to grow your own vegetables this year? Winter is the best time to plan your garden, buy seeds, and get your supplies gathered. But it can be overwhelming to think about what you might need to get started. The nice thing about raised bed vegetable gardens is that you don’t need as many supplies because you’ll be working in a condensed space. So, before you head to your local garden center, here’s a list of some of the essential garden supplies you’ll want to consider now. And don’t forget to bring your garden plan and your list along!

Essential Garden Supplies List:

  • Soil
  • Compost
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed Starting Trays
    • Seeds
    • Grow light
  • Trellis
  • Plant Supports
  • Tools
    • Trowel
    • Pruning shears
    • Small hand rake
  • Hose
  • Watering Can
  • Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow

Tools: The most essential tools you will need are a hand trowel, pruning shears, and a small garden rake. You may need larger shovels and rakes if you have a big raised bed. Some of the more “nice-to-have” tools would include a wheelbarrow (but you could just use a 5-gallon bucket) and gloves. There are many other specialized tools you can check out, too. An Eco Garden Systems Original Garden comes with spin welds on the outside so you can attach helpful items, like a tool holder—check out our first #GardenHack video of 2019. If you already have tools, make sure you clean them using this method to ward off any bad bacteria from the previous gardening season.

Soil: Choose quality soil for your raised garden bed. Make sure to purchase the right amount of soil for the size of your bed; try this soil calculator. For example, an Eco Garden Systems Original Garden is a 4’x6’ elevated bed, and we recommend approximately 20 cubic feet of growing medium–2-4 cubic feet of peat moss for moisture retention and 16-18 cubic feet of soil. If you have an established raised bed, make sure to retest the soil every three years. You can also amend your soil with compost, fertilizer, or other amendments to help prevent soil compaction (like Perlite). Epic Gardening has lots of information on amending your soil.

Trellis: If you plan on having climbers, creepers, or other “wandering plants” (think squash, cucumbers, and melons) you may want to add a trellis. When gardening in a raised bed, these trellis’ can go up or down, depending on your need and your location/environment. A trellis can help you train your plants to grow where you want— and not take over the entire garden.

Eco Garden with trellis

Hose/watering can: It’s important to keep your garden regularly watered, especially when you first plant. Having a water source nearby is the best option, or at least ensure you can easily get a hose to the garden. A watering can is helpful if your hose doesn’t reach or you need more concentrated, light watering. An Eco Garden has a built-in water reservoir to maintain optimal moisture levels and encourage strong root growth. The Original Garden also has sprinklers–just keep your hose attached to the reservoir and open the sprinklers when you need them. Here we show you how to attach a timer to automate the watering of your Eco Garden.

Seed starting trays: If you plan to start some of your seeds indoors, these trays come in handy. Or, you can try using things you have around the house, like toilet paper rolls, newspapers, or even egg shells. You will need to keep them in a sunny spot, which is challenging, especially in colder, snowy climates, so consider purchasing a grow light. You can also purchase starter plants from the garden center when you are ready to plant if you don’t want to start your own seeds.

Plant supports:Many plants grow taller than their ability to support themselves— especially in an elevated garden like an Eco Garden. When plants do not have to compete for nutrients or moisture, you can get some truly amazing height, and this can stress your plants. Stakes, cages, or other support mechanisms can add strength to your amazing growth plants.

Now you’re ready to make that maiden voyage to the garden center. You’ll find many other things to make your garden perfect for you, so feel free to explore. But if you’re short on time or new to gardening, try this list of basic items to get started. Happy growing!

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