15 Essential Tools for Vegetable Gardening

15 Essential Tools for Vegetable Gardening

15 Essential Tools for Vegetable Gardening 639 424 Eco Garden Systems

The Right Gardening Tools for the Job in the Vegetable Garden

As a gardener, having the right tools on hand makes growing vegetables so much easier. If you are just starting your first vegetable garden, you may not know what tools you need. Or maybe you’ve been trying your hand at it for a while, but never took the time to procure the right tools.

Here’s a list of gardening tools we think is important to have. You can find many of these items online or at your local garden supply store. If you have a raised or elevated garden bed, you won’t need all of these tools, especially the larger ones—in fact, an Eco Garden System only requires a few tools because it does most of the work for you!

Essential Gardening Tools

  1. Hand trowel– the most important gardening tool that you will use – All. The. Time.
  2. Pruning shears– for trimming plants and small, thin branches
  3. Scissors– a good pair of kitchen scissors for delicate plants, like herbs and flowers
  4. Garden gloves– prevents cuts and scrapes, especially for those with sensitive skin
  5. Rake– hand rake for cleaning debris (or long-handled version if needed)
  6. Garden spade– for digging holes
  7. Garden hoe– for weeding and preparing the garden bed
  8. Spade– for edging, digging, and moving dirt around
  9. Pitchfork– for turning soil
  10. Hose and spray nozzle– for better water pressure control and hard-to-reach plants
  11. Small knife– for trimming plants, branches, and other items, like twine
  12. Wheelbarrow– for hauling all that soil, mulch, and compost
  13. Weeder– helpful if there is a lot of weeds to pull
  14. Kneeling pad– for those low-down jobs to help protect your knees
  15. Loppers– for hard-to-reach areas and thicker branches

And don’t forget the best tool of all: your hands! There is ample scientific evidence to show that digging in the dirt improves our health. “Microbes in the dirt can be bad for us in large doses, but in small doses, our immune systems can learn what viruses or bacteria it needs to be able to fight off, storing that information and helping our bodies to quickly fight off illness later in life. The more parasites, viruses and bacteria our immune system is introduced to, the better chance we have of staving off infections as we age, including allergies and asthma!” Sounds like a good reason to take those gloves off sometimes.

Also, if you have some of these tools on hand but they’ve been a bit neglected, this is how we clean up rust and crusted-on dirt particles. You can make them shiny and new again in no time.

These tools will help make the most of your garden. Scoop up that soil and get growing!

Tell us: What is your favorite garden tool and why?

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