Vegetable facts to get you growing
Beets #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Beets #1

Did you know that beets do not have a lot of natural pests that impact them (watch for Leaf Miners on the leaves) making them ideal for an organic garden?

Shallot #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Shallot #1

Did you know that shallots do not suffer from any serious pest or disease problems? This makes them ideal for first time gardeners.

String Beans #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

String Beans #1

Did you know that bean plants excite bacteria in the soil to as they work with these bacteria to create their own fertilizer?

Tomato #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Tomato #2

Did you know that at one point in time in US history tomatoes were labelled as poisonous? Tomatoes originated in South America and made their way to the US through Central America, Mexico and into Spain – then into other…

Asparagus #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Asparagus #1

Did you know that Asparagus requires a high Nitrogen environment? A totally separate bed is the best approach for Asparagus to avoid Nitrogen overload for other vegetables.

Broccoli #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Broccoli #1

Did you know that Americans did not consume broccoli until the 1920’s even though it was a favorite in Europe long before that?

Onion #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Onion #1

Did you know that all varieties of onions can be used as “green onions”? There are some varieties that are grown specifically for this (spring onions, scallions, bunching onions) – but all varieties can fill in for this role.

Spinach #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Spinach #1

Did you know that spinach grows best in seed clusters (like chard and beets)? Spinach should be thinned when seedlings appear. Like beets, leafminers are a common spinach pest. New Zealand spinach, however, has no serious pest problems and is…

Turnip #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Turnip #1

Did you know that a turnip is not really a root? It is actually a swelling at the base of the stem.

Carrots #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Carrots #1

Did you know that carrots are easy to grow and relatively pest free – making them a favorite for home and community gardeners!

Tomato #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Tomato #1

Did you know that a single tomato plant can produce five to 10 lbs. of tomatoes? This of course depends on variety and growing season but tomatoes can be very prolific if managed properly.

Summer Squash #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Summer Squash #1

Did you know that “Summer Squash” is made up of many varieties? From Zucchini to pattypan, crookneck, scallop and straightneck – all of these varieties are considered part of the “Summer” family.

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