Vegetable facts to get you growing
Turnip #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Turnip #3

Did you know that turnips do not transplant well so are best grown from seed? They are a great winter crop in the south and a spring/fall crop in the north.

Lima Beans #6 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Lima Beans #6

Did you know that pole lima beans will require a trellis to help them grow and product properly? Alternatively, bush lima beans only grow to only a foot or two tall.

Shallot #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Shallot #3

Did you know that shallots can be stored like onions? You can store the bulbs for up to eight months in a cold, dry environment.

Onion #6 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Onion #6

Did you know that pickled onions served on bread with cheese is often referred to as a Farmer’s Lunch? Onions are probably the most versatile vegetable in your garden.

Peppers #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Peppers #1

Did you know that peppers are part of the Holy Trinity in the South? Onions, peppers and celery – they serve as the starting base for many Southern dishes.

Sweet Potato #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Sweet Potato #4

Did you know that sweet potatoes require well-worked sandy soil to grow the perfect tuber? Rocks or compacted soil can cause the roots to grow into interesting shapes!

Peas #3 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Peas #3

Did you know that peas are an excellent crop for elevated garden? Well drained soil is critical for pea success. To use a trellis in an elevated garden (and still keep plants harvestable) consider angling your trellis down or across.

Kohlrabi #2 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Kohlrabi #2

Did you know that Kohlrabi is also called a “turnip cabbage” as it is part of the Cole family and has flavor characteristics of both those plants? The name comes from the German “kohl” meaning cabbage and “rabi” meaning turnip.…

Parsnip #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Parsnip #4

Did you know that parsnip roots are not harmed by the ground freezing? Your garden is the best storage space for mature parsnips – some people even think this enhances flavor (the low temps convert the root’s starch to sugar). Make sure you harvest before the ground becomes unworkable.

Beets #4 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Beets #4

Did you know you can plant beets very early in the spring and still get a successful grow? Beets are frost resistance and make a great winter crop in the south.

Tomato #6 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Tomato #6

Did you know that tomatoes stop growing when the temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit? Best performance is achieved between 65 degrees and 85 degrees. If evening temperatures do not fall below 85 degrees, the fruit will not ripen properly.

Onion #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Onion #5

Did you know that onions are frost hardy? Bulbs can be planted over the fall and winter in the south for spring harvest.

Spinach #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Spinach #5

Did you know that New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia tetragonoides) is not actually spinach? It is a member of the Marigold family that, when cooked, is a ready replacement for spinach. New Zealand spinach is heat tolerant and can be grown all summer – regular spinach enjoys cooler weather.

Broccoli #6 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Broccoli #6

Did you know that once the main head is harvested, smaller clusters or heads will grow from the cut point – meaning you can get mini-broccoli after the main head is harvested!

Okra #1 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Okra #1

Did you know that Okra grows best in well-draining soils and gardens? Too much moisture causes stem rot. While Okra is not recommended for traditional container gardens, it will grow well in a properly maintained Eco Garden.

Lima Beans #5 1280 960 Eco Garden Systems

Lima Beans #5

Did you know that lima beans are a perfect salad component when they are raw? Let them marinate in a vinaigrette dressing for 24 hours and you will have a real flavor and texture enhancement for your salad.

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