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    “I can think of no better form of personal involvement in the cure of the environment than that of gardening.” — Wendell Berry


The Eco Garden Difference

An elevated garden is just that – a garden raised in the air making it easier to use, right? Not exactly.

Most elevated gardens start with being off the ground – but only the Eco Garden System gives you everything you need to create a garden that will be the envy of your family, friends and neighbors.

Start with our plastic – we use food-safe plastic with an anti-microbial additive to keep your soil and vegetables safe throughout the growing process. Wood gardens tend to deteriorate over time – and any bacteria created will leach into the soil. Next, an Eco Garden has a water reservoir – this holds water for our water pumping system (more on that in a minute) that not only catches rainwater (our overflow system prevents your soil from becoming too saturated – meaning you are always in optimal soil conditions!) but also catches any water that is put on the garden that is not absorbed by the plants. This maximizes water conservation and gives you a sustainable growing environment.

Then Eco Garden provides our patented Air Gap process – a band of air that exists between the soil platform and the water reservoir. This moisture and oxygen-rich environment gives plant roots the best possible environment for growth – and faster growth means quicker to maturity, quicker to production and more total product. Combine this with the fact that our water/soil/air combo platter creates a warmer total environment for plant roots – meaning your plants can thrive (and produce) longer as the days get cooler.

Finally, our automated pumping system (standard on the Backyard Garden and available as an optional accessory on the Original Garden) allows you to “set it and forget it” – the system tests the soil for moisture and only adds water when the plants need it. The system uses the water reservoir as long as there is water in it – and lets you know when the water level is low so you can add more. If you are totally into the sustainable lifestyle, we even offer a solar panel charging system as an optional accessory – simply attach the telescoping pole to the garden, plug into the Pump Station electrical system and you can run your garden off the power of the sun.

Different– you bet. Our goal is to provide you with a best total gardening experience. #GardenDifferent!

Eco Garden Systems is superior to traditional gardening by delivering on five areas of performance in the garden

Sustainability Vector



  • Moisture, wind and shoes all help erode top soil from every garden
  • Water may become one of our most precious resources in the future
  • During uncertain economic times, growing food, raising chickens (and other livestock) and a desire to reconnect to the land (nostalgia) have all helped people find gardening as a more desirable aspect of their lives
  • An Eco Garden will use 65% less water than a traditional garden due to both the water reservoir and the automatic pumping system (including soil moisture sensors)
  • The fully contained soil bed prevents most erosion – and composting allows for natural revitalization of the soil (with no loss of efficacy)
  • Follow your passion of what to grow – from herbs to a cornucopia of vegetables to flowering plants – Eco Gardens are customizable based on how and what you want to grow

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  • Children that grow vegetables tend to eat vegetables
  • Older gardeners tend to “retire” earlier than desired due to the difficulty of bending, squatting and crawling around in the garden
  • “Community” activities – like gardening – can bring people together.  This could be families, workplaces, or neighborhoods
  • An excellent way to share the joy of growing things with your entire family
  • As a raised box garden, Eco Garden allows a lifetime of gardening enjoyment – our founder created the first prototype for his grandmother when she felt she could no longer handle the bending, squatting or digging required to keep a garden
  • Eco Garden is designed for urban and rural areas – allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of gardening.  Bring your team together – and grow together – with Eco Garden Systems

Quality Vector



  • “Terroir” – a term from wine grape growing that explores how soil and moisture impact the flavor of the grapes and the wine – this same concept applies to gardening
  • Interested in the “Better for You” lifestyle (natural, organic, etc.)? Eco Garden allows you to start at whatever level of “better for you” that interests you
  • People across the country are seeking ways to better feed their family – less processed food, more high quality, non-adulterated food
  • Use the right base – peat moss and soil – to create the best growing environment for your needs.  Want organic? Eco Garden can make that happen. Want natural? Eco Garden can help you get there
  • Never over water again – Eco Garden lets you have total control over moisture and this will insure that your vegetables have the most flavor possible
  • Maintain total control over everything that goes into your garden – from nutrients to pest management, you are the Master of Your Domain – and you can enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labors with the confidence that only what you want to go into your crops will get there

Quantity Vector



  • Eco Garden plants produce up to 50+% more product
  • Quicker to “natural maturity” allows for fruit and vegetables to emerge earlier
  • Better control of what goes into the soil allows for healthier and heartier plants – resulting in better total production
  • The water reservoir keeps the entire environment more moist and warmer – leading to a longer production period than traditional gardens
  • Elevated and with plastic construction, an Eco Garden will keep pests at bay – and that means you get more of your hard earned produce than yard visitors or pests
  • When plants mature faster, they tend to produce fruit faster – meaning you can get more from your Eco Garden (studies indicate up to 60% more can be harvested)

Speed Vector



  • Plants that mature faster can produce earlier in their life cycle
  • Artificially matured plants can sometimes outstrip production capabilities – our system allows plants to mature naturally – and more quickly
  • Mature plants can be hardier – leading to better overall plant health
  • The Air Gap allows for extra oxygenation – leading to faster growth
  • The reservoir provides a moisture rich environment in which root systems thrive and this promotes healthier plants that achieve maturity more quickly
  • Full control of the environment keeps parasites and bacteria to a minimum creating the best total environment for plants to thrive

Our Story

So, how did Eco Garden Systems grow from an idea to a great product line? It all started many years ago with a garden, a grandmother and a young man who thought big.

Don Riesterer grew up not only on a farm, but in a family of farmers and a community that grew things. Working the land and growing crops is part of his family’s DNA. As you can imagine, this also involved a love of gardening throughout the Riesterer family – including Don’s grandmother. The journey begins when grandma informed the family that she would have to give up gardening due to her ailing back and joints – it involved too much bending, stooping and crouching. This did not sit well with Don as he know how much his grandmother loved being in her garden – and he knew exactly what to do to help. Don built a wooden box garden on legs so grandma could stand and have her herbs, flowers, vegetables and other plants right at her fingertips. Don took this innovation one step further and built the garden over a cattle-watering cistern – to both catch run off from the garden and to provide easy access to water so grandma did not have to haul a hose or buckets of water. The “aha” moment came when he realized that this unique watering system helped keep the plants hydrated – and a future path was set.

That original design has evolved to reflect a new, modern way of gardening that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy for every member of the family to enjoy.

Each Eco Garden features a raised soil bed and a water reservoir to nourish and hydrate plants – along with the patented “Air Gap” technology that supercharges growth. The gardens are designed to be used inside or outside and our focus on sustainability means our materials are both recycled and food-contact safe providing many years of easy and enjoyable gardening.

The garden is designed, assembled and distributed in the United States. It is available nationwide and offer sustainable, organic and environmentally responsible gardening for families, individuals, businesses and any areas where a garden can enhance people’s lives. And yes, still the perfect solution for making grandma and grandpa’s favorite pastime easy and pain free.


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