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Eco Garden Systems Backyard Garden

The Backyard Garden is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle – allowing you and all potential gardeners the opportunity to take care of your everyday schedule and still have time to raise a robust and productive garden. Enjoy a natural, healthy, and organic lifestyle without the time constraints of an in-the-ground garden.


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Platforms and Trays

Please call if you need to custom order your tray options.

Eco Garden Systems Original Garden

The original Eco Garden will transform the way you see gardening. Quick and simple to setup with the flexibility of providing your own mater source and distribution system, this is our most efficient garden for the advanced and expert gardener.


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Eco Garden Systems Industrial System

Do you need to think different to stay ahead of the competition? Eco Garden Systems and our ProGrow subsidiary can help you build the perfect garden for whatever you want to grow. We start with plastic growing platforms – infused with anti-microbial additives to help with the health of your plants. Our gardens do not break down like traditional wooden gardens and we make all of our gardens easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. Our custom gardens have all of the features of our other offerings plus the flexibility to get what you need to build a successful business.


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