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The Original Garden by Eco Garden Systems will transform the way you garden. Our elevated, modern box garden is quick to set up, easy to maintain and fun to use for all ages. The Garden puts you in control of the environment your plants live in (soil, water, nutrients, contaminants, etc.) to help maximize your overall gardening experience.

Indoor gardening year-round or extended outdoor seasonal gardening, the choice is yours with an Original Garden from Eco Garden Systems. Claim your exclusive offer on an Original Garden by filling out the form below!

Original Garden

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Eco Garden Speed & Quantity

Speed & Quantity

With our patented Air Gap gardening system, your plants will grow and mature faster than with traditional gardens. Plants achieving maturity faster, growing more lush and benefitting from extended growing seasons will generate more output than other elevated gardens.


Eco Garden’s elevated garden bed puts you in total control of everything that goes into your fruits and vegetables, giving you a higher-quality output. Enhance your life through better nutrition with results from our self-contained garden designed to provide the freshest food available.

Family & Community

Gardening is a proven way for families and communities to bond over growing things to eat and enjoy. Our elevated system lets gardeners of all ages be part of the experience – the perfect gardening solution for the elderly and senior living centers.


The self-sustaining Eco Garden System maximizes production while minimizing inputs by using 65% less water than traditional gardens (whether in-ground, box or elevated). Your complete control of nourished soil allows for sustainable gardening for years to come.

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